Imperial Blade

Weapon (Short Sword), Uncommon


The “Imperial Blade” is an elegant, razor sharp sword with a blade made entirely of fine bronze, and an attractive bronze sheath and hilt set with jade. The handle is not wrapped with any sort of gripping material, and the hilts and pommel are set with bright pieces of jade. The sheath’s runes and decorations hint at its origins from the fallen Coranik Empire, and it appears to be an ornamental weapon, rather than a blade meant for actual combat.


The Imperial Blade acts as a Short Sword +1 in combat, granting its bonus to hit and damage.


The exact origins of the Imperial Blade are best identified by its name; beyond the shape of the blade and hilts reminding one of a gladius, and the serpentine imagery on its sheath, the weapon has no identifying marks or features. It is known as the “Imperial Blade”, hinting at its origins as the “honor blade” of an imperial legionary officer. The weapon is quite old, and it shows many long years of careful maintenance and use.

The Imperial Blade is presently held by Yeoman Seumas “Shiv” Keeper.

Imperial Blade

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