Iron Spike of the Morighu


A cold-wrought spike of roughly forged iron, about 2’-long.


Nothing is known of the item’s properties at this time, beyond it radiates magic.

Lords and ladies of the fey courts are timeless creatures, inured to many of the mortal world’s threats. A universal exception to this is weapons of cold-wrought iron. This metal undoes the very fabric of a fey creature’s life as it blights their ageless flesh. A cold iron weapon is treated as magical when used against any fey creature, and is often the only thing that has a hope of harming the more powerful fey lords and ladies.

Cold iron weapons are difficult to forge, and the skills and time required to make them makes them valuable. Finding a smith capable of crafting a durable iron weapon without the aid of a forge is always difficult – and finding one with the courage to anger the fey courts is perhaps even harder.


Recovered from a haunted grove of trees in the border Feywild, in late-TR 1049, the Iron Spike of the Morighu is believed to have been the means of slaying a dryad, though little more is known of the item. It is presently in the possession of Siusaidh “Sweet” Ironhand.

Recent understanding, however, hints the Iron Spike might have been used as the means to sever Blackmaw the Night Hag from her past as a dryad, and as such may have some connection to her still.

IN late-TR 1049, the Iron Spike was incorporated into the weapon Erilyn’s Kiss, as a means to aid the group in their battle against Blackmaw the Night Hag and her growing forces.

Iron Spike of the Morighu

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