Lantern of the Deeps

Non-magical treasure


An ornate iron lantern set with silver “draconic” filigree of serpentine etchings, and red crystal lenses. It is worth 50 gps as a treasure.


While lit, this hooded lantern burns for 6 hours on a single pint of its unique fuel. While lit, the Lantern of the Deeps sheds a dark red, near invisible light in 30’, equal to a bright light in otherwise dark confines, and dim light for an additional 30’. This light is undetectable outside these ranges by normal vision, darkvision or other common forms of vision.

The drawbacks of the Lantern, are its unique fuel, its unique lithium-coated lenses, and the fact it occupies a hand while in use. It weighs 3-lbs, and is considered non-magical.


Looted from the storage cellars of Caer Wyrmgrave, along with its unique oil fuel, the device is held by Scales for use when he descends into the Underdark or along the Deep Way.

Lantern of the Deeps

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