Lichen Gloriosa

Magical Plant of the Echo Wood


Many rocks and forest slopes of Echo Wood, seem carpeted in a thick and seemingly restful moss called the Lichen Gloriosa, also known in elvish as “Loth-nu-Fuin” (Elvish : “Flowers-Under-the Night”).

Growing out of rocks and stumps, these large beds of moss have clusters of coral-like sponges of orange, green, purple and red that literally glow with life. These nodules possess a bright light, equal in magnitude to a Light Spell (Evocation Cantrip). In moonlight, they glow and sway, but are becoming more and more rare, particularly as human woodsmen have discovered their rare and savoury taste. In particular, the moss, when crushed and ground into powder, can be added to meals and preserved foods like a salt. Although many dismiss the worth of such a spice, anyone who eats a meal flavoured with a pinch of Gloriosa is always amazed by its taste, as even the blandest of oatmeal or pottage can be made a wondrous meal when using Gloriosa.

The sponges are known, when fresh, to provide a wonderful edge to blades, capable of cutting through stone. Gloriosa must be used immediately upon discovery, however, since the magical abilities of the plant do not survive more than a few minutes once gathered. The resulting weapon (only those doing piercing or slashing damage) gains a magically sharp edge, which imparts a +1 in combat, granting its bonus to hit and damage for one combat.



Powdered Gloriosa has a value, but is increasingly rare unless one has access to the deepest reaches of Echo Wood. Sometimes, the Noraldai bring the powdered spice from carefully cultured Gloriosa to market, usually during the Harvest Festival, where it is sold in small quantities to interested locals. If seen at market, it has a value of roughly 50 sp per pound, almost literally worth its weight in silver.

Lichen Gloriosa

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