Cursed Ring, Very Rare (Requires Attunement)


A ring made of fine mithral, dyed a faint green shade, and bearing a platinum central stone set with ground ruby dust in an arcane symbol, vaguely in the shape of a rising phoenix.


Initial investigation makes one convinced Lifebleeder is a Ring of Regeneration.

Blackmaw’s Curse : Upon donning the ring, it is revealed to be cursed, and cannot be removed short of dismemberment, or a Remove Curse (3rd Abjuration) spell. The platinum and ruby dust rune changes shape into a leering demonic skull, bleeding tears of crimson.

While wearing this ring, the wearer loses d6 HP every ten (10) minutes, provided they have at least a single HP. Body parts cannot be regenerated during this time.


Created as a trap for the unwary looter of what was believed to be Blackmaw the Black Witch’s treasures, Lifebleeder is a finely crafted ring that appeals to the greedy. It is meant to bedevil anyone who dares steal from her.

For a time, it was unfortunately claimed by Dame Kahli of Whiterock, but she stilled the curse by removing her left-hand ring finger, and abandoning the ring. Upon later exploration of the burial site, it had been dug up and is assumed to have been reclaimed by Blackmaw once more.


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