Malachite Cat


A small token cat statue, carved of malachite.


The exact properties of the Malachite Cat are unknown at this time, but it is believed to be a divine focus to an unknown divine power.


An odd token retrieved from a bandit’s lair in late-TR 1049, the Malachite Cat has an unknown origin. It is presently in the possession of Yeoman Seumas “Shiv” Keeper.

In myth, large cats are generally the personification of warfare and rulership, but such domains are generally considered the realm of Sirrion, the Flowing Flame. Smaller, domesticated cats are more often symbolic of hearth and home, primarily through their protection of the home and food stores with the elimination of pests; in many ways, small cats are considered protection spirits, and thus rarely harmed when encountered.

It is well known that Aurora, the Nameless once had a demigoddess cat that served her, but during the “Thief of Heaven” incident with Naveh, the Lord of Shadows, she abandoned Dekejis and Naveh converted it into a demon that served him.

Malachite Cat

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