Moonstone Amulet

Wondrous Item, Uncommon (Requires Attunement)


A brazen amulet of ancient metal, shaped into the form of a Forest Wyrm, that is eating its own tail. In the center of the amulet is set an ominously glowing moonstone.


The Moonstone Amulet grants the individual attuned to and wearing the amulet, the ability to be hidden from Divination spells. The wearer can neither be targeted by such magic, nor perceived through magical scrying sensors.


Another ancient relic of the Greatwyrm clan, the Moonstone Amulet bears the marks of an ancient forgewright, being engraved of ancient bronze and in the old symbol some sages ascribe to the Earth Dragon. It disappeared from history during the troll wars in Mosswater, around TR 1000.

It has since been recovered by the adventurers, and was wielded by Sweet for a time, until she traded it to Dame Kahli.

Moonstone Amulet

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