Regalia of the Greatwyrm


Consisting of a matched circlet and signet ring of gold and dark-colored green tourmaline, these valuable treasures are sized for medium-sized beings.


The Regalia of the Greatwyrm are the matched diadem and signet ring of the Greatwyrm clan. These two items were the traditional mark of the rulers of that fallen clan’s realm, and though of some degree of sentimental value today, have little practical use as symbols of rulership, given the present state of the barony.

The Regalia are worth perhaps 2500 gp as a pair of mundane treasures.



Crafted for the coronation of Bjan Greatwyrm (TR 620-70), the first of the baron’s of Mosswater, these artifacts were rumored to be gifts of the First World to the clan. When the question comes up, of course, many also wonder why such beings might give such treasures to a mortal realm, and remind people that fey gifts are rarely to be trusted.

The artifacts vanished during the fall of that realm, in TR 1000, when the Troll Raids began. They were recovered in late-TR 1049 by the adventurers during their exploration of the ruins of Caer Wyrmgrave, and presently rest in their treasury.

Regalia of the Greatwyrm

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