Weapon (Greatsword), Legendary (Requires Attunement by a Creature of Non-Chaotic Alignment).


A finely-forged steel greatsword a little over 5’-long and weighing roughly 7-lbs, with a handle nearly a foot in length, between the pommel and the hilts. The blade has been inscribed with draconic glyphs along its blade, close to the hilts, declaring an ancient rhyme. Leather has been wrapped about the grip, and its hilts and pommel are plated in fine gold.


Scorbane is a magical greatsword, that grants its wielder a +1 bonus to attack and damage rolls made in melee attacks.

When Scorbane strikes a dragon, the beast takes an additional 3d6 slashing damage. For purpose of this weapon, “dragon” refers to any creature with the dragon type, including forest wyrms, or flame drakes.

Increased Potency : While you are attuned to this weapon, its bonus on attack and damage rolls increases to +2.

Dragon Hunter : While you hold Scorbnae, you are aware of the presence of any dragon within 60’ of you. In addition, the wielder is immune to the Frightful Presence action of dragons, and cannot be charmed by them.

Special Purpose : Scorbane seeks to defeat or subdue red dragons.

Sentience : Scorbane is a sentient Lawful Neutral weapon with an Intelligence of 10, a Wisdom of 15 and a Charisma of 15. It has hearing and Darkvision out to 60’.

Scorbane can speak, read and understand Common and Draconic. and can communicate with its wielder through Telepathy. Its voice is deep and echoing. While attuned to it, Scorbane also knows every language you know.

Personality : Scorbane is a very calm being, but speaks with an imperious tone, and is very proud of its legacy and abilities, and demands respect from all around it, including its wielder. When confronted by a red dragon, however, Scorbane tends to lose its cool, and demands the destruction of the dragon, forcing an immediate conflict if denied.

Without a scabbard, its first demands are that one be found or forged for it, as quickly as possible. It craves the finest gems and metals for such a piece, and demands any other magical swords be discarded if otherwise possessed.

If its demands are denied, Scorbane will sulk and become surly in its attitude. Given the opportunity, Scorbane will point out to others how niggardly its wielder is treating it, as though it were nothing but an ordinary sword. Eventually, it will begin to attempt a conflict with its wielder.

If well-treated, however, Scorbane will be appeased, and willingly follows the needs of the wielder’s quests, provided its special purpose is otherwise respected.



Forged in ancient times, Scorbane, or the “Drake-Slayer’s Blade” was forged in the era of the dragon wars (1200 BT). The blade has a certain reputation among dragons and their kin, even to this day, as it was rumored to be wielded by knights in the service Royalist Dragons during the Dragon Wars.

Written along the blade is an ancient draconic rhyme;

Side One :
“Grasp my hilt with all your might,
Make me yours and have no fright.”

Side Two :
“Victory be yours, whether day or night,
For no drake shall stand to thee in might.”


The last bearer of the blade was Hlanas Greatwyrm, aged leader of his clan, and the blade was believed to have brought the clan great fame as it cleared a dreaded linorm from the region they settled, today known as Mosswater, which is still haunted by its lesser kin, the Forest Wyrms.

Scorbane was recovered by the adventurers from a the crypts of Caer Wyrmgrave, and in Dame Kahli of Whiterock’s possession for some months, but has been rejected by her, and awaits her decision as to its future.


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