Stone Cauldron of Scrying

Wondrous Item, Very Rare (Requires Attunement)


The stone cauldron is carved from solid black slate, arrayed in a cylinder. The water that fills its depths glows and pulses with blue magical light, from its inky depths. Blue light shines froth from this simple stone cauldron, pulsing with the promise of magical power.


The Stone Cauldron of Scrying was crafted in ancient times to draw upon a natural spring of magic. bubbling up from deep within the earth. Built of black slate, the cauldron was well-protected by a mystical door, for centuries.

While touching the waters of the cauldron and attuning to them, the “owner” of the cauldron may cast a Scrying spell (5th Level Divination) at Save DC 17 with it. The powers of the cauldron may only be used once per day, and recharge on the morning of the following day.

It is located in heart of the Accursed Halls.


Created long ago by some great powers, some say it was Amber Mages, though others insist it was the Droskari, its purpose was simple; to scry upon one’s enemies and determine their intentions. Today, it appears only the adventurers know of its existence or powers something of great worth as a private resource.

Stone Cauldron of Scrying

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