Shield of the Crowngaard

Armor (Shield), Uncommon


This oaken shield is painted green and faced with Droskari Metal Alloy. A black-enameled double-headed dragon marks the shield as the arms born by the captain of the Crowngaard, the leader of the knights of the fallen realm of the Greatwyrm clan.


While wielding the Shield of the Crowngaard, you have a magical bonus of +1 to AC, in addition to the shield’s normal bonus of +2.

Quirk : When used in combat, the shield resounds with unusually loud thumps and clangs, causing advantage towards any Wisdom (Perception) checks by nearby creatures, when wielded in combat.

Relic Property : When the wielder of the Shield of the Crowngaard is struck in combat with a critical hit, a sound like a resounding gong echoes from it. All allies within 60’ of the shield-bearer may choose to spend a single HD as though they had just taken a short rest.


Appearing early in the history of the Greatwyrm clan of Mosswater, the Shield of the Crowngaard was the mark of the captain of that realm’s elite military knights, the Crowngaard. Not only marking the chosen champion of that realm, the wielder of the relic was also considered the realm’s most honorable and powerful warrior. It was lost during the collapse of the realm, during the siege of Caer Wyrmgrave by trolls in TR 1000.

The exact means of its creation are unknown, but some claim it represents the forge-work of both humans and dwarves working in unison. Many other sages, however, suggest its design displays the salvage work of various droskari pieces from other sources, incorporated by human smiths into a treasured relic of the realm.

The Shield of the Crowngaard is presently held by Dame Kahli of Whiterock.

Shield of the Crowngaard

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