Silvercrown's Armor

Armor (Heavy), Uncommon


Silvercrown’s Armor is a cuirass made of interlocking links of mithral steel, forming a light and flexible protection. It includes a thick layer of fine quilted leather beneath the mail to protect the wearer from chafing and cushion them from blows. The shoulders are encased in mithral plates engraved with the images of eagle feathers. It is set with small shaped white shards of glittering rock crystals about its edges. The armor is worth perhaps 750 gp as a work of art to a female knight.


Mithral is a light, flexible metal. The suit of Silvercrown’s Armor cannot be worn under normal clothes, however It provides AC 16 (no Dex bonus), with no minimum Strength requirement, and imposes no disadvantage on Dexterity (Stealth) checks. It weighs 55-lbs.


Dame Garhalisi Silvercrown was a knight of half-elven descent, who was renowned for her brash actions. She was last known to be engaged with several companions as an adventurer, and attempting to claim her own lands with the strength of her sword arm. Her clan, the Silvercrowns live in the Barony of Freestead, and are known to possess a small lordship that produces wool from a large herd of sheep, and have protection over both a coal mine and an iron mine, in the Crown’s name. She herself, did not hold any lands, and the armor was a gift from her elven father, when she was Sheared, and left as a knights-bachelor.

Silvercrown’s Armor is presently possessed by Dame Kahli of Whiterock, though stored in the Fallen Tower Vaults.

Silvercrown's Armor

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