Sword of Zog

Weapon (Short Sword or Long Sword), Uncommon (Legendary among Goblins)


The Sword of Zog appeared when first encountered, to be an artfully crafted, but tarnished bronze short sword, sized for a small-sized humanoid. Today, it appears as a longsword, typically used by a medium-sized wielder.


When grasped, the sword re-sizes itself to match the wielder in dimension, either shrinking or enlarging to fit their grasp. The crest in the hilt also changes, from a cackling goblin to a snarling hobgoblin, depending on the size of its wielder.

The Sword of Zog does not detect as magical. The Sword of Zog is actually crafted of Baatorian Green Steel, (also known as “Banesteel” ), made from ore mined in the deep pits of Avernus in the Nine Hells. As a result, the weapon is only half-weight (1-lb), and strikes with a bonus of +1 to hit and damage. The weapon also bears the ability to negate the damage resistance of creatures bearing the “Fiend” sub-type trait. The weapon is in all other ways, considered a non-magical short sword or long sword, depending on its bearer.

Legacy of Zog : Possession grants advantage on any Charisma (Persuasion) checks made by its wielder, regarding goblin-kin; goblins, hobgoblins or bugbears. Barghest will likely attack any wielder on sight, as they view the weapon their birthright, and especially powerful goblin rulers may attempt to seize the weapon, based on its history and the potential power it could grant them.


The Sword of Zog was the weapon wielded by the leader of the Barghests of Zog, the seven rulers of the Kingdom of Zog. Among goblins, it is considered a holy weapon, and grants its wielder an immediate status as “Mogur”, without question; its tales among the goblins of the Grandwood are sufficiently popular to be recognizable by any goblins or their larger kin, who see it. Obtaining status beyond the title of Mogur, requires effort to unite goblin tribes, but adds greatly to any attempts to do so.

The blade was lost centuries ago, hidden after the fall of that great empire, it is believed, until the day a new goblin warrior would arise to unite the lost tribes of Zog in their kingdom once more.

The Sword of Zog was recovered by the adventurers in mid-Uktar, TR 1049, and is presently held by Roland “Scales” Bywater. He attempts to keep its presence hidden, and does not draw attention to it whenever possible, though it has tasted both goblin and barghest blood recently.

Sword of Zog

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