Thorn Arrows

Ammunition (Arrow), Common


Crafted from the large thorns of the Goblin Brambles common to the Echo Wood, these arrows are a specialty of the local goblins.


These arrows are highly popular among hunters and bandits, each acting as an Arrow of Quality, providing no bonus on to hit rolls. While they deal normal damage, they quickly become embedded in the victim, doing an additional point of damage at the start of each round they remain stuck in their victims, from their caustic sap. Creatures with resistance to normal or poison damage, are immune to this effect.

A creature can remove an embedded Thorn Arrow as a Move Action, or provided a (DC 12) Wisdom (Medicine) check is successful for each arrow, by someone else. Someone can assist in this action. Once used, the arrows lose their special property, and if recovered are considered normal (goblin-made) arrows.

These arrows can freely be used by small- or medium-sized creatures. The arrows are typically found in bundles of twelve (12), and have a market price of 20 sp per bundle.


Goblin Brambles are common enough to find throughout the areas around the Echo Wood, but the Brambleclaws goblin tribe have perfected living among them and using them in every way possible. The goblins shamans are believed to have first thought of crafting the thorns into viable weapons, and as long as people have known the tribe, they have used them in their raids and wars.

Among goblins, they are a prized trade good, commonly found in use by both kobold and goblin tribes alike. Hobgoblin scouts sometimes use them, but regular orcs, hobgoblins and other humanoid forces rarely will, due to the stigma of using a “goblin” weapon, however useful it might be. Many human bandits in the area also use them, but it is often difficult to keep in stock among them, so is rarely encountered.

Thorn Arrows

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