Wand of Secrets

Wondrous Item (Wand), Uncommon


A long wand made of black walnut, this arcane tool is bound in silver, both at both ends and wrapped about its smooth length. Black walnut is known for its ability to aid in good instincts and powerful insight; silver is the bonding element of truth. The end of the wand is mounted with small ball of forged glass crystal, smooth and clear, in a silver, four-pronged claw.


The wand has 3 charges. While holding it, you can use an Action to expend one of its charges, and if a secret door or trap is within 30’ of you, the wand pulses and points at the one nearest to you. The wand regains d3 expended charges daily at dawn.


The Wand of Secrets was a relic in the possession of the wealthy temple of Korg, located in the once important and wealthy town of Mosswater. It is believed the relic was given to the sect by adventurers for services rendered.

Lost in TR 1000, when trolls invaded and destroyed that town, it was recovered by adventurers in late-TR 1049, during an expedition into that fallen town, seeking relics from the temple on behalf of Mistress Idara. They chose it as a reward for the safe return of it and several other valuable relics, including the Cornucopia of the Needful.

Wand of Secrets

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