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  • Shiv's Spare Gear

    The Following is Shiv's Spare Gear and remains in his Room. Fur Cloak Fine _Wolf Cloak_ Fine _Brown Velvet Court Suit_ trimmed with wolf fur and a wolf cloak. (250 gp). Gaming Set 2 bags of Ball Bearings 1 Bag of Caltrops Vial of [[:serpent-venom …

  • Shivs Objet dart

    Shiv's Collection of Art and Objet d'art can be found in his room. [[File:705216 | class=media-item-align-none | Elzid_s_Doom.jpg]] _Bronze-Framed Woodcut of a Forest Nymph, known as "Elzid's Doom" (10 gp)_ [[File:705326 | class=media-item- …

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