Alejia's Crossing

Innkeeper (“Alejia’s Crossing”) : ### $$$ : Not far from the intersection of the Hexwater Road leading to Thornkeep, and the place where it splits north and south to avoid the Hexwater Marsh, stands a small inn and taproom, known as Alejia’s Crossing.


Fare is simple; typically pottage or stew from the kitchen, along with warm travel bread and a tankard of ale for 1 sp. Rough “Country Ale” can be purchased in small quantities for 2 cp per tankard, and they usually have a poor wine instead for 6 cp. Sometimes a roast fowl or joint of some forest creature can be had for an additional 1 sp. Lodging is in the inn’s four rooms each with four bunks, is 1 sp per bed, or 5 sp for the whole room. For the poor traveler, they can make the floor near the fireplace available for 2 cp, after the taproom closes. Travel rations are also available; typically a day’s travel bread, dried beef and cheese wrapped in a scrap of canvas (2 lbs – 3 sp).


Alejia is a retired adventurer and former outlaw who settled on this long-abandoned farm. Claiming the land, she converted the large farmhouse into a somewhat run-down inn, and hired on a couple of her former associates to help run the place. Alejia and her cronies spend their days reminiscing about old times and exaggerating the tales of the their prowess, while the poorly paid and much-abused staff keep the place running.

Ostensibly serving travellers and merchants detouring around Mornhaven, or travelling from the forest camps near Thornkeep, rumors persist that Alejia and her people are allied with the Three Daggers of Thornkeep. Within her establishment, bandits and highwaymen spy on travellers on the nearby roads and make arrangements to waylay them later. On any given night, two or three different bandit groups can be found in the common room, listening to conversations and the talk of the passing travellers and caravan guards. It’s not unusual to be robbed within Alejia’s Crossing itself, especially if you look like a promising target. For most travellers, its best to simply avoid the inn, and camp out under the stars.

Alejia's Crossing

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