Amalthea - Bringer of Life Renewed

The First Angel of Mercy, Hearth Minder, The Healer, The Restorer – Goddess of Community, Love, Renewal, Healing and Healers.


In many ways, Amalthea is the most revered god in the pantheon; she is a figure of constant hope, compassion and peace. When not fighting evil directly, she is among the slain, making hearts full to fight again, haling the wounded and curing the sick, and destroying undead that rise in such places. Hers is a righteousness, compassionate fury, fueled from personal anguish and sorrow.

Known as the First Angel of Mercy, she is portrayed as an armored angel held aloft on wings with exotic feathers. Her armor glows with the reverence of pure light, and when forced to defend her charges, she wields a spear of pure sunlight, a gift from Nolom – The Shining One himself.

Amalthea is especially popular among the common folk of the Dominions, who pray for health and strength to do her works. Her avatar appears to bring mercy and ease suffering of the truly devout and to thwart the schemes of her wicked divine kin. She is always accompanied by numerous archons and her heralds, wherever she goes.

Dogma : Share and give counsel and listen whenever needful. Be a comfort and a support. Stand up for the oppressed, guide the lost, and give food, water, medicines, firewood, clothing and shelter to all in need. Life is sacred and suffering is holy, but life implies the freedom to make bad choices. Sacrifice and know loss on behalf of others, benefiting from your pains.

Amalthea’s domains are Life and Light.


The ranks of the priesthood of Amalthea include healers, who work directly among the common folk, to heal and lessen suffering. Found in slums and sanctuaries where the destitute and ill can find shelter to be tended. Other travel the Dominions and work to lessen large causes of suffering, such as wars, feuds, slavers, caste exploitation, and even local bullying. The clergy works closely with priests of Nolom – The Shining One and Larani – The Celestial Paladin to further fairness, security, happiness, and hope for all.

Paladins of Amalthea are known advocates of the redistribution of wealth, and are known to punish those who mock or otherwise harm the clergy of Amalthea. They advocate equalization of taxes, pressure governments to provide for the poorest among their citizens, and closely monitor courtiers and judges for corruption. They are best known for their protection of Amalthean shrines, and wide-ranging travels across the breadth of the Dominions, seeking to fulfill their calling.

Amalthea - Bringer of Life Renewed

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