Barony of Tauria - House of the Bull


Fort Iron, Capital of the Barony of Waterthorn

The Barony of Waterthorn is a former associate barony of the Forest Kingdom, but seceded from its control following the Shemite Succession Crisis of TR 1042. The realm had joined the Warduke as part of his call to unity in TR 988, but with his death sought its independence once more. Prior to this, it had been a typical Ninnellen realm of lowland clans, who had from time to time yolked the strength of nearby bugbear tribes as mercenaries, rather than fight them. Today, its army is a force of bugbears, hobgoblins and thuggish humans, who are feared wherever they tread.

The realm maintains very free and open trade policies, and its forces control trade over the Moorcrofts, the open land north of the Ravensgaarde Republic, east of Shem and west of the Shadow Dragon’s Remnant. Its small port on the Iber Bight has limited its potential trade, but its soldiers and wagons move openly between Longbridge and Seareach, while other traders must use the longer southern route through Ravensgaarde if they seek to trade with Seareach Castle.

The realm is, however, a popular place for mercenary companies to winter, as the realm is very lax in policing their activities. The realm exports timber north to Katarre, smoked cheese and beef (something it is famous for), and is quickly developing its iron and coal production from deep mines uncovered in the region. It has also gained a reputation for the practice of slavery, and has its own small school for the development of sorcerers and mages, famous for their fire magic.


It is loosely allied to the Shadow Dragon’s Remnant, and openly hostile to Shem, and still claims the hand of Princess Adrianna Warduke as his betrothed, despite her refusals. Baron Luidhard Waterthorn grew up in the shadow of his successful rival clan, the Wardukes, and his father was certain the man would die in his numerous escapades; certain many say, because he planned most of the assassinations and coups that wracked his early rule. For years, they remained an apparently loyal and upright clan, until the present baron’s father died a year before the Succession Crisis, and Luidhard rose to the position. The clan matriarch, Matron Malai Waterthorn, has largely stepped away from realm politics, but with over a century of life and rulership under her wings, she refuses to die, and remains a quiet, powerful entity behind the local throne.

Seeking the opportunity to tie their clan fortunes to the Warduke name, the Waterthorns presented an ancient document claiming a promise of marriage to the “…first-born daughter of the Overthane…”, from an ancestor during reign of Overthane Parlan of the Hood around TR 397, and demanded the hand of Princess Adrianna in marriage. She vehemently refused, and the barony separated as a result of their bluff being ignored.

Barony of Tauria - House of the Bull

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