Black Swan Shipping Company


Merchant : ### : $$$ : The Black Swan Shipping Company is the largest trade coster in Mornhaven, and entirely local in origin and employees. While they sometimes bring in goods through oversea shipping, they primarily sponsor river trade to the capital in Seville, through which they gain most of their income. They also support costers travelling from the river ports of Seville, Cultan Ford and Mornhaven_ to other important towns in the nation, such as into the Dreadwaters March, and distant Fellreeves March.

With a wide base of trade under their banner, the “Swansongs” of the Black Swan coster are known for trading in a diverse product base; grain and produce from the local farms of Seaholme and those of Ambarin are most common, but the company also trades in iron and wool from Freestead, wine from Winewater, and even vellum and artifacts from Archenshield. Many consider the coster to be the primary support for trade in the Forest Kingdom, and the heart of its trade economy.

The coster is led by Master Aladair Goldhaven, a master merchant from the northern region of Elmshire March, who has long promoted the importance of maintaining the realm’s trade, and using it as a means to unite the young nation. The company is constantly rumored to be involved in smuggling, but there has never been any proof to the accusations, though its profits are consistent een in lean years, and the coster is known to acquire rare goods for its clients at prices that are suspiciously low.

Black Swan Shipping Company

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