Located two days due west of the City of Greenwalls, the large, prosperous village and manor of Bramblewood is owned by the infamous Silvershard clan. The lordship is best-known as the chief supplier of grain and fruit to the capital, and the royal family of the Wardukes, in particular. At first glance, it seems a fairly insignificant series of farms, often over-looked by bards and map-makers, but Bramblewood is rife with intrigue and is the spiritual heart of the realm’s farming communities.

Almost hidden among the nearby groves of nut and fruit trees, is the pastoral temple complex devoted to the Father of the Fields, known as “Goldenfields”. Few would recognize it as the heart of that faith’s spiritual efforts in the Forest Kingdom, but it has more than a hundred acolytes and priests in attendance, and provides careful management of the faith’s numerous shrines and temples scattered across the realm. A pair of small wings dedicated to the Lady of the Forest and the Lady of Peace are also present; there is a good working relationship between all three faiths.

Auld Bridge : Located along the eastern fringe of the lordship, Auld Bridge is located on the east bank of the surprisingly steep and swift Auld Creek. It provides a metalsmith, a woodworker, and a miller, and boasts its own small inn, the Riverbridge Inn, that is noteworthy only for its quaint services and charm. It often serves as a way-stop for visitors to Seville, who chose to avoid the rather noisome travelers services of The Warrens.

Bramblewood Village : Built in the shadow of the surprisingly common fortified manor known as Caer Bramblewood, the village is fairly rural in nature, but boasts all the typical services of a large, modern community. The manor is well-built, but of simple design, though possessing a large number of storehouses, stables and barns within its walls; the keep is little more than a fortified great tower with an attached stone mothalla. The village itself is very spread-out, and has the feel one might have when visiting an elven community.

Oxbriar : The only other sizable community of the lordship, provides cartage services and boasts its own inn, the Ox and Briar, a fair establishment serving exceptional ales and ciders, and boasting the best pork outside of the royal family’s own table. Located only four miles east of Bramblewood, it is more of a “bedroom” community for those not willing to walk the distance to the main village each night.


The Lordship of Bramblewood

Rand Silvershard, the Arch-Druid of Shem, beholden to the Father of the Fields is the master of the Silvershard clan. He holds his lands with his equally capable consort Miore, a noted sorceress, who is seemingly as immortal as her husband, and rumor paints her as being several hundred years old. Their wayward daughter, Lady Shankira Silvershard, is just as powerful and just as infamous in local legends.

The clan is exceptionally wealthy, but one would not realize it by neither their dwelling nor their lifestyle, as they tend to live simply and entertain at their estate infrequently. At court, to which the clan attends constantly, they are always well-dressed and attend closely to the words and demands of the Princess or her agents.

The clan holds their lordship directly at the behest of the Wardukes, and sits highly in the royal court’s councils. They have very few actual villages under their banner, but their prosperous lands are dotted with hundreds of small farmers, each of whom produces their own crops and maintains their own herds as free farmers, paying only a small portion to their lord, making them very wealthy as farmers go. As a part of their feudal obligations, each must provide a “spear” to the militia, meaning they must support one warrior from each household, who are trained in martial skills, usually short bows, spears and shield work. The result is a large force of militia (nearly two cohorts) of skirmishers who are incredibly loyal to the Silvershards and their land.


Ruins of the Keep of the Brotherhood of the Bolt

Some miles south of Bramblewood, buried deep in the Bolt Woods, lies the ruined keep of the Brotherhood of the Bolt. A sect of smugglers and slavers, dedicated to the Destroyer, it was eradicated during the early years of the Silvershard’s adventuring career, and the fortress they employed was largely pulled apart to serve the local farmers as building materials. Nonetheless, evil is still drawn here from time to time, so the local priests often visit the site and crush any beasts or monsters that attempt to lair within its dungeons.


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