Coldbreeze Company


Merchant : #### $$$ : Known as the “Castle Company” in reference to their banner, Coldbreeze Coster is really little more than a trade operation. Regarded as the friendliest of the trade companies, the coster includes elves among its personnel, because of their trade in the western lands and contacts with the elves of the Kingdom of Imladris. Their personnel tend to be well-spoken and charismatic individuals, and their guards are well-seasoned swordsmen, not half-orc thugs.

The Castle Company is currently the most popular trade coster in Mornhaven, trading honey, linen, silks and silver; products popular among the elves. They also act as couriers, shipping messages and small packages. The company is also noted for swift long-range shipment of goods to distant ports using a handful of small trade ships. They maintain a small fortress as an office, with marble halls and fine tapestries along its walls, that includes a vault for its more valuable goods, that only adds to their namesake as the Castle Company.

The coster is owned by Lord Calum Coldbreeze of clan Coldbreeze, an ancient highland Ninnellen clan that bases itself from their traditional lands in distant Freestead, and are prominent enough to sit on the Royal Council. The clan lands include a silver mine and several large herds of highland sheep.

Coldbreeze Company

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