Darkmoon Manor


The Darkmoon clan are a stubborn, pugnacious clan of freeholders who live in their fort-like palisade several miles west of Thornkeep. They get by with trapping, hunting, gathering berries and mushrooms, raising pigs, and tending a series of small garden plots within their crude fortifications. The leader of the clan Tarn Darkmoon is a thick-waisted, broad-shouldered bulldog of a man who spits in the eye of anyone who tries to tell him how to live and what to do. Four of his grown sons and their families live here as well, along with a handful of stray cousins and in-laws who all share the determination to make a go of their lives without anyone else’s help.

The Darkmoon are at odds with the Wolfmane barbarians, various goblin tribes, ogre bands, and even most of Thornkeep’s bandits. They generally only come to town during the harvest season, to sell their crops at market; the road to Hexwater is longer, so Thornkeep is usually their market of choice. Darkmoon smoked hams (50 sp per 16-lbs), nut cheese (10 sp per 2-lbs wheel), and dried venison (10 sp per 2-lbs strips) are popular commodities at market, as well as their lard (5 sp per 2-lbs crock) and boiled pig’s ears (2 cp per).


Darkmoon Clan Badge

The Darkmoon are a “lowland” clan, but nonetheless follow many of the ancient traditions of their “highland” relatives, and possess many of the crafts of their fore-fathers, making their own ironmongery, weapons and armor, and many other guild crafts under the Mangai rules. As they don’t sell these products, their practices are allowed, but they are very self-sufficient, and don’t require more than things such as iron, cloth and salt, that they can’t make themselves.

The clan have also formed themselves into a fairly capable militia of about twenty (20) warriors, equipped with hide and scale armors, shields and typically wield short bows, axes and heavy spears. Swords are uncommon, but those that are used tend to be ancient clan relics with names and a legacy of magical origins. They also have a few horses, and breed them for sale at market.

Over the winter, they were faced with a series of brutal raids by the ogres of Skull-Basher’s Den, though the clan did manage to blunt their attacks in an ambush that netted them several goblins led by a large specimen from that clan. They have not yet appealed to Baroness Neria Blackshield for aid.

Darkmoon Manor

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