Dismal Caverns


Easily one of the most extensive caverns in the Echo Wood, is the Dismal Caverns, located on the western edge of the hills that surround Candlemere Bog. Though the whole system stretches for miles, there are few grand chambers, nor the delicate features that beautify other deep caves. Most of the chambers are muddy and wet, with low ceilings and floors choked with debris and animal bones swept here through constant spring floods. Most who explore the Dismal Caverns return to Thornkeep cold, tired, muddy, and greatly disappointed.


While the Dismal Caverns seem a dank, constricted and cheerless place to most creatures, these drawbacks do not deter goblins. A large, aggressive goblin tribe known as the Bone Dancers makes its home amidst these caves. Bone Dancer shamans have a knack for crude necromancy, and have long since supplemented their guards with the animated corpses of their fallen kin, and any interloper who thinks to raid their homes.

Dismal Caverns

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