Dreadwaters March - The Black Lotus


Drek Settlement in the Dreadwaters

A region of mostly wild marsh and fen, the Dreadwaters March is noted for its river pirates, wild lizardmen tribes and as the source of most Drek in the Grandwood, the latter of whose villages dot the landscape in isolated beauty. While most is a wild realm of stream and bogs, the region known as The Overwash has been carved from the swamps by means of a massive levee with a stone trade road built upon it, the Stone Road, that allows travel swiftly about the nearby realm. The Overwash is populated by many first-generation settlers whose clan names are foreign to the region, but they intend to stay.

The rest of the realm is ruled by the Drek marshmen, and river pirates, anarchists and exiles. A code of rules, known as the Dread Freedoms rules etiquette among the people of the realm, with simple statements such as “Oathbreakers Die”, and “You Have What You Hold”, dominating this code. Even the local Warden has accepted the code, and has, in turn, been tacitly accepted by the scattered villages and holds as the local “ruler” of Dreadwaters. The realm is best known for its smoked eels, rich furs (mostly mink), and its “Stonework Cheeses”, made of smoky goat cheese.

Towns : The only notable communities in the Dreadwaters March, are Myrkfast, Stonehammer Hold, and Refuge. Myrkfast, the capital, is a massive stone fortress built over a generation by the ruler of the March, Lady Torcall Blackwater, a stoic, capable warrior-knight (known locally as the “Black Lotus” ) who founded the settlement with funds from her adventuring days, and is a well-known sight at court in the City of Greenwalls. She is said to have the close ear of the Princess. Stonehammer Hold is a dwarven settlement, mostly underground, that protects the northern swath of the Overwash, and controls the end of the Stone Road itself. Refuge is an isolated small village located far in the north of the region, and accessible only via boat; it is known for being an important place to trade among the marsh villages, and its ruined fortress of Fenhold nearby was, for a time, controlled by a large tribe of bugbears and goblins.

Dreadwaters March - The Black Lotus

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