Echo Cleft


About four miles upstream of Thornkeep, Echo Stream passes through a small gorge or draw known locally as Echo Cleft. The stream flows noisily through a steep-sided rock chute about 15’-20’-tall and only 5’-wide. Boulders and old snags create a series of pools and tiny falls running over a distance of a hundred yards or so. Most locals think of it as a picturesque little spot, and it’s popular with the townsfolk in the summertime; they tell stories that a clumsy outlaw spilled a whole bag of coins in the stream here.


Unfortunately, Echo Cleft had become an increasingly dangerous place to visit. A colony of the Echo Wood’s moon spiders moved into the area recently, and had begun hunting wandering woodsmen, barbarians, and children from Thornkeep who came looking for the rumors of lost gold.

Echo Cleft

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