Heroic deeds and honourable actions garner greater reputation for characters. Likewise, ruthless behaviour and despicable actions cast the shadow of disgrace and fear on them.

In some ways, reputation is not a marker of good or evil, but it helps establish a name for oneself. Characters achieve recognition by committing any noteworthy acts that garner the attention of others. These acts could be saving a village from a terrible monster, defeating a large army, or building a mighty fortress. it could also be something mundane, like donating money to a temple, contributing a few valuable books to a library or mage’s guild, or supporting the artistic endeavours of a wandering bard.

Those with a remarkable reputation have a presence about them, even when they leave the lands in which they are well-known for less familiar locales. This is because they exude confidence and carry an aura of importance wherever they might go. Likewise, if you meet a shady individual, you may get a gut feeling this is someone who is very dangerous and to be careful around. Indeed people with an exceedingly high (or exceedingly low) reputation score have an awe-inspiring (or terribly disturbing) quality about them. They are usually those of authority and influence and others recognize this, even if they do not personally know them.

Hiding one’s reputation requires a Charisma (Deception) check. You may receive a circumstance bonus, or advantage if you appear different from your usual self, using weapons or armor that are not associated with your actual persona, such as wearing ragged robes instead of the black leather armor granted by the priests of Naveh, for consistent service in their name.


Player Renown

Bresal “Sprout” Darkharrow

The Goldenfire Order : 2

Dame Kahli of Whiterock

The Huntsmen : 1

Ricard “Ricochet” Shearwater

The Blackshield Clan : 1
The Clergy of Korg : 1
The Huntsmen : 1

Roland “Scales” Bywater

The Sootscales : 1

Siusaidh “Sweet” Ironhand

The Clergy of Sarrok : 2

Yeoman Seumas “Shiv” Keeper

The Blackshield Clan : 1


I initially suggested a few ideas behind renown, but nothing seemed to be acceptable or capture anyone’s interest. I’ve been trying to find a form of “Reputation” and “Renown” that gives me some satisfaction, but I’m still playing around with the exact form I’m comfortable with.

For now, I’m going to assume that on the whole, the players have been accumulating renown among the locals both as individuals (as listed above) and as a group, though the latter reputation level is somewhat ambiguous, either positive or negative. Also, unless the tasks you accomplish are obvious to all, such as saving the town from a troll attack, your actions will not necessarily bring renown.

Questions or suggestions are welcome.


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