Gorian's Pack


One of the many packs of wolves running through the area around Echo Wood, is the large pack led by the Dire Wolf Gorian. An unusually bright and powerful (HP 56) member of his already malicious breed, Gorian runs at the head of an unusually large pack of 10-20 (4d4+4) wolves, that have practically taken over the forests around Mosswater. The pack is bent on pushing out all the farmers and woodcutters of the region so that beasts might once more dominate the area, with Gorian himself as lord of the realm.

In an attack immediately following the destruction of the Cult of Rot, the pack was suddenly seen in the outskirts of Thornkeep, when they attacked Sulli Hurler’s family, slaying her father and aunts. The child and her mother were able to escape the devastating attack unharmed.

The pack has only been rumored in the area since, and has not attacked any outlying farms, despite the arrival of cold weather and snow.

Gorian's Pack

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