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The collected books, scrolls and other works of lore and knowledge gathered by the Adventurers during their explorations, occupying a simple bookshelf in the corner of their main residence at Green Dagger Farm, near the food preparation area, and next to the armory. Scales has placed a small parchment scroll “check-out” list, identifying when the books and scrolls are “on loan”, and who has them.

The manuscripts are listed in alphabetical order. Illuminating Manuscripts are noted as “IM”; Spell books as “S”; Mundane tomes are marked as “Reg”. All volumes are stored here when not in personal use by the group’s members, to grant general access to lore and other information known to the group. All books are considered to have been examined under a Comprehend Languages spell, but due to its language, might be not be wholly decipherable at this time. Spending a day of Downtime skimming a tome might earn a deeper bit of lore hidden by casual study when first discovered.


Books and Scrolls of Lore

“A Brief History of Mercia” (Common) : 300 gp (IM) : Though dated, this book relates the clans and history of ancient Mercia (TR 600-800). Provides advantage on History checks across the southern Grandwood region.

“Book of Stitches” (Common) : 50 gp (Reg) : A cloth book completely painted and stitched to depict various popular patterns and cloth weaves of the region.

“Elzid’s Journal” (Common) : 100 gp (Reg/S) : Elzid Natholin’s collected thoughts during the latter years of his life, including insight into his magical studies and research. Its pages are filled with sketches, runes and notes, including writing in the margins. The Accursed Halls feature prominently in his early studies, and appears related to his research. The journal turns to a tragic tale of lost love, as a chance meeting with an unnamed dryad becomes his obsession, and how he vows to change his ways to be with her. It ends with his suspicions about his evil familiar knowing his plans. Fog Cloud (1st Level Conjuration); Fear (3rd Level Illusion). One of the original books found in Elzid’s Vaults.

“Elzid’s Treasure Map” (Common) : 100 gp (Reg) : A map leading to a cache hidden by the wizard Elzid somewhere in the western “Crucibles”. This cache, a former dwarven tomb, has since been looted by the adventurers, and is known on some local maps as “Irongaard”. One of the “books” found in Elzid’s Vaults.

“From the River to the Mountains” (Common) : 300 gp (IM) : A collected folio of maps and commentaries regarding the southern Grandwood. Provides advantage on History and Survival checks in the detailed region.

“Herbarium Maleficum” (Elven) : 300 gp (IM) : A volume of arcane plant lore, discussing various common to rare magical and herbal plants. Provides advantage on Intelligence (Nature) checks to develop poisons from plants. Close study has also revealed a wealth of information regarding herbal brews, including a recipes the for manufacture of Antitoxin, Potion of Poison, and Potion of Resistance (Poison), using various herbal substances. It also includes the recipe for manufacture of a Twig Blight. One of the original books found in Elzid’s Vaults.


Hunting the Great Wyrm

“Hunting the Great Wyrm” (Common) : 200 gp (IM), 300 gp in area around Echo Wood : A tale about the hunting of the “king” of the forest wyrms, but it seems to be written from the perspective of one of the members of the Greatwyrm clan of Mosswater. Possession of this tome grants advantage to Wisdom (Survival) checks to track a Forest Wyrm.

“Identification of Trees” (Elvish) : 50 gp (Reg) : A tome written by an elvish druid detailing the types of trees one can find within 100-miles of Thornkeep.

“Lady Anisa’s Journal” (Common) : 50 gp (Reg) : A worn, green leather tome including the often rambling accounts of the daily life of the last lady of Mosswater, Lady Anisa Greatwyrm. Its last few entries are particularly disturbing, as they hint to the fate of her husband, her murder of her daughter and the Lady’s own suicide.

“Mastering the Unseen” (Draconic) : 300 gp (IM) : An illuminated volume that acts as a general primer on magical theories and studies. Provides advantage on research of new cantrips. One of the original books found in Elzid’s Vaults.

“Order of the Thistle” (Common) : 150 gp (Reg) : An embossed book detailing the rites and rituals of the ancient Ninnellen Knightly Order of knights, popular during the reign of King Parlan (TR 350).

“Outpost” (Common) : 300 gp (IM) : A thick book relating siege weapons and tactics, and how to use them in both offensive and defensive operations. Many lavish diagrams and detailed engineering blueprints are included.

“Perfection and the Craft of Lasting Magic” (Dwarvish) : 500 gp (IM) : An illuminated collection on the techniques of magical construction. Provides advantage on Intelligence (Arcana) rolls when building magical constructs. Careful examination of the book has also revealed the recipes for construction of a Flying Sword, an Iron Cobra, and an Iron Spider. One of the original books found in Elzid’s Vaults.


Praises Unto the Bright Smith

“Praises Unto the Bright Smith” (Dwarvish) : 100 gp (Reg) : A 2′×6″×1″-thick, dark granite slab, carved with ancient dwarven runes in a spiral pattern across all its surfaces, and smeared with ochre to make the writing more visible. Its finely carved surface details important dogma and prayers dedicated to the Bright Smith, and is a beautiful piece of historical and religious art. It weighs about 40-lbs.

“Prayerbook to the Dark Smith” (Dwarvish) : 50 gp (Reg) : A worn and crumbling book written in fading ink on poor-quality parchment, easily falling apart if mistreated. This small book praises the value and traditions of the Dark Smith, and relates many rituals common to that cult. It repeats the salvation of the author lay in Droskari observances.

“Stag Lord Bandit List” (Common) : – gp (Reg) : A collection of the names of local people from the Thornkeep area, with several unknown names crossed-out. Master Farakin Thumbwhistle, is among the only name familiar to the adventurers, but is not crossed-out. It has been revealed that the list is of the many families that immigrated to Thornkeep from Mosswater, during the troll raids that ruined the now fallen barony.

“The Book of Beer” (Common) : 100 gp (Reg) : An illustrated volume of several dozen recipes and their origins as brewed by numerous innkeepers from across Argoth.

“The History of the Miner’s Guild” (Common) : 50 gp (Reg) : A treatise detailing the purposes and politics of the Miner’s Guild.

“The Importance of Meditation” (Umbral) : 50 gp (Reg) : A thin leather-clad book detailing the death of gods, and how to contact them through meditation, to understand their purposes. One section seems heavily studied, and bears cryptic notes in Umbral. Recovered from the Shadowfell.

“The Iron Glove” (Common) : 300 gp (IM) : A political treatise on power, manipulation, and extorting maximum income from one’s subjects. Provides advantage on Intelligence checks regarding budget and income rolls of a noble’s realms. Must be Lawful to apply. One of the original books found in Elzid’s Vaults.


The Lore of Greatwyrm

“The Lore of Greatwyrm” (Common) : 2000 gp (Reg) : An extensive collection of parchment scrolls (considered a “book repository” of more than 400 scrolls), detailing a general description of the Greatwyrm clan’s history (TR 515-1000). One portion of the scrolls concentrates on the recurring figure of MorĂ³, a fey noblewoman of some power, who had constant dealings with the Greatwyrm clan over the final generations of their history. Possession and access to this collection grants advantage on Intelligence (History) checks regarding the northern portions of the MapN’Dor.

“The Lore of the Shadows” (Various) : 130 gp (Reg) : A collection of various tomes and long scrolls detailing various (fake) means of contacting spirits and summoning powers from beyond the veil of the Planes. Utterly useless in an arcane sense, it nonetheless seems to have been well read. Thirteen (13) books weighing 2-lbs each, and perhaps worth something to a collector of esoteric lore.

“The Nine Secrets” (Draconic) : 300 gp (IM) : An odd volume of arcane poetry, using spells and spell words as rhymes to tell tales of a bawdry nature. Book is sealed with a latch and lock (DC 16), that also has a poison pin trap (DC 16). Provides advantage on Intelligence (Arcana) checks relating to Fiends (Devils).

“Tome of the Advisor” (Common) : 250 gp (Reg/S) : A grey leather tome detailing the research and thoughts of its author, an unnamed individual known only as “The Baron’s Advisor”. It hints that the author, suggested to be one Welnor, was concerned that his master, Baron Hlanas Greatwyrm was delving into dark magicks before his realm fell to the TR 1000 Troll Raids. Spider Climb (2nd Transmutation); Darkness (2nd Evocation); Mirror Image (2nd Illusion); Clairvoyance (3rd Divination).

“Trade and the Costers” (Common) : 50 gp (Reg) : A book written about the Merchant’s Guild, and the importance of roads and rivers in conducting organized trade ventures.

“Waking Dreams of a Starless Sky, Or On Aspects of Astral Dreamers” (Gith) : 300 gp (IM) : A volume discussing sleep magics and astral travel. Provides advantage on Intelligence (Investigation) rolls to research magic spells of the Enchantment school. Close study has also revealed a wealth of information regarding the nature of the Ethereal and Astral Planes, and includes a recipe for the rare Oil of Etherealness. One of the original books found in Elzid’s Vaults.


Magical Scrolls

Ivory Scroll Case with Gold Endcaps (50 gp : Max 4) – Two (2) Scrolls : Comprehend Languages (1st Divination), Scroll : Detect Magic (1st Divination).
Ivory Scroll Case (25 gp : Max 4) – Scroll : Disguise Self (1st Illusion – Bresal), Scroll : Illusory Script (1st Illusion), Scroll : Color Spray (1st Illusion).
Ivory Scroll Case (25 gp : Max 4) – Scroll : Shield of Faith (1st Abjuration), Scroll : Alarm (1st Abjuration).
Bone Scroll Case (1 gp : Max 2) – Scroll : Jump (1st Transmutation – Bresal), Scroll : Purify Food and Drink (1st Transmutation).
Bone Scroll Tube (5 sp : Max 1) – Scroll : Spider Climb (2nd Transmutation).
Bone Scroll Case (1 gp : Max 2) – Two (2) Scrolls : Shocking Grasp (Cantrip Evocation).
Bone Scroll Tube (5 sp : Max 1) – Scroll : Melf’s Acid Arrow.
Bone Scroll Case (1 gp : Max 2) – Scroll : Find Familiar (1st Conjuration), Scroll : Unseen Servant (1st Conjuration).
Heavy Droskari Metal Alloy Scroll Case (10 gp : Max 6) – Empty.
Bone (Carved) Scroll Tube (5gp – Max 2) – Empty.
Dragon Wing Bone Scroll Case (50gp : Max 1) – Empty.
Dragon Wing Bone Scroll Case (50gp : Max 1) – Empty.
Dragon Wing Bone Scroll Case (50gp : Max 1) – Empty.
Bone Scroll Tube (5sp : Max 1) – Empty.

(Scroll – Lesser Restoration, Bless)
(Scroll – Cure Wounds, Bless, Resistance)

See also : Armory and Lewts.

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