Green Dagger Farm

An isolated farm located five miles east of Thornkeep, along the eastern ridgeline of the Raven’s Ridge hills. It is also recorded in ancient records as Raven’s Roost Farm, likely referring to the old ruined tower on the edge of its lands. A substantial holding of 100 acres, the farm was first established and owned by Coinneach “Old Man” Shadow, of which few locally knew much of anything regarding his past or purposes.


The farm consists mostly of a waste wood of pines and hardwoods, of roughly 40 acres, and a substantial boggy and stony area amounting to 20 acres. The remaining 40 acres were broken into a 20-acre pasture and a series of low, flat fields built against the ridge and surrounded by low fieldstone fences. Old Man Shadow raised pigs, chickens and had a few cattle, but that stock has since gone missing. Crops included melons, leaks, cabbages and wheat in fairly equal proportions (roughly 5 acres each). He also had several apple trees behind the barn, running west between the crop fields, and along the approach road leading back towards Thornkeep.


As of early-Savor TR 1049, the adventurers have begun formal occupation of the farm, and have sectioned internal areas under the wings of the hall (each a 10′×5′ area) for themselves and their servants. Much of their important daily supplies (sausages, cheese, dried vegetables, rye and wheat flours, ale and wine), occupy the far end of the hall, though most of the farm’s reserve stores are kept in the western storage granary.

The north-east corner of this area has been occupied by the Green Dagger Archives. This collection has grown, and occupy a pair of simple shelves along the wall, and a few boxes laid next to them. While most of the adventurer’s collective treasures have since been moved into the Fallen Tower Vaults.

In the north-west corner of the hall lies the collected armory of the adventurers, including many suits of light armor and weapons taken from bugbears, bandits and other sources during their exploration of the nearby lands. While generally left without maintenance, they represent a valuable source of armaments. In the south-west corner are a number of valuable bits of equipment, including many coils of rope (50’-hemp), many shoulder-bags (20-lbs cap) and other items such as a few extra winter wool cloaks and torches.

A thick wooden beam has been emplaced to secure the hall door from inside. Recent fire damage to the roof was repaired by replacing the entire roof with a covering of slate, giving the place resistance to flame. There is no provision for a cellar.


The barn is a traditional sort, with a large open-walled portion meant as a stables for a dozen mounts or cattle, but a smaller, enclosed portion allows for securing tack and harness, feed, tools and small livestock. There is also a smaller stable next to the hall, providing short-term space for six more animals or mounts. A small herd of goats are kept in the main stables, with three oxen and their harness stored for the farm’s plows and several carts. Shadowmist also lives here.

The granary is a traditional “highland” design, with a small windmill attached to grind grain into flour, but also has been equipped with several large pottery vases in racks intended to store grain for long-term storage. There is provision for a much larger quantity of these items to be stored here along the upper walls. Grain and a few smaller pottery vases for seed stores are kept here, the former representing the bulk of the winter stores, and the latter kept against next year’s planting. It is fairly full.

The smokehouse is uniquely made with a flagstone floor, and has two large interior ovens to prepare food for long-term storage through smoking. A fair provision of firewood is stored out back, recently cut from the fields and local woods.

The workshop has been equipped with basic Carpenter’s Tools, and a complete Poisoner’s Kit. There is provision for other kits and tool sets to be stored here, improving the abilities of the local farmers and inhabitants. There is also provision for a smithy, in the form of a large stone block anvil and a small forge, but only Mourde Carter’s personal smithy tools are present. With the arrival of Garnet “Ironhand”, a complete collection of weapon smith’s and common blacksmith’s tools were added to the workshop, largely filling the place. He and Mourde work here with some degree of regularity, though Garnet prefers to stay and work here through the long, dark hours of night.

Located a little distance away from the farm, within a short distance of the eastern cliffs, is a stone-lined 10’-wide, 10’-deep pit covered by a simple wooden roof with a hatch. A simple wooden crank with thick hemp rope allows access to this pit, which once contained Frisky and Skuttle, the former pets of Roland “Scales” Bywater. Equipped with drainage holes and somewhat safe from the elements, they dwelt here and received regular shipments of iron slag from the nearby iron mine to keep them fed. In early-Kelen, TR 1050, the pit was made home to the large dire wolf Shadowfang. Fed sporadically with meat scraps, the beast is kept fairly docile, but does not appreciate its imprisonment.


Being built within sight of the mothalla and other important farm buildings, along the central (waste) ridge of the farm; two (2) wooden houses serving the lesser families, and a third stone farmhouse to serve as the home of Mistress Firlan Brooks and her family. Nestled against the wooded ridge itself, they have a good oversight of the fields and commons on the farm. A fourth building, another wooden house, is being built along the eastern ridge near the Pit, serving the Huntsmen on the farm as a barracks.


Green Dagger Huntsman

Hall Inhabitants
Ricard “Ricochet” Shearwater
Roland “Scales” Bywater
Bresal “Sprout” Darkharrow
Vesina “Ironstone” (Courtesan, Clothier).
Doireann Hurler (Cook); Sulli (9).
Mourde Carter (Blacksmith), Garnet “Ironhand” (Weapon Smith).

Dungeon Inhabitants
Dame Kahli of Whiterock
Siusaidh “Sweet” Ironhand
Anilda (Clothier).
Squire Reina Whiterock
Lelana, Merwyndin, Caerwynn, Porpheria, Lachlan, Annalaigh.

Farm Inhabitants
Mistress Firlan Brooks (Laborer, Farmer), Durnan (Carpenter); Wintessa (8), Erilan (6).
Sirella West (Merchant), Orin ( Farmer); Marcail (5), Siusan (2).
Guaidhre Everbright ( Farmer), Catriona (Clothier); Alasdair (5).
Skags, Crooner ( Huntsmen; Studded Leather Armor, Shield, Shortbow, Quiver-20 Arrows, Hand Axe).
Aimli (F), Ash, Bride (F), Calum, Gabhan, Marcail (F), Reabeart, Sorcha (F) ( Huntsmen; Leather Armor, Shield, Shortbow, Quiver-20 Arrows, Hand Axe)


The Toppled Tower

Of note, a ruined stone tower is located on the west edge of the farmlands, specifically along the stony heights of the ridge, over-looking the approach road from Thornkeep, which once had a great view of the forests on either side of the hills. Treasure hunters had regularly searched the ruin, and had never found anything of note.

The remaining ruins of this fallen tower, have been fixed-up by the local stonemason, and then cleaned out to provide a hidden stronghold for several members of the adventurers. Siusaidh “Sweet” Ironhand, and Dame Kahli of Whiterock have all made homes within this ruin, and the adventurers have stored most of their treasury within its central vault, under the watchful gaze of Dame Kahli, and its handful of traps. In addition, the storerooms of this dungeons are well-stocked with victuals enough to supply the handful of denizens for a season or two.


Elzid, the Amber Mage


Anciently, the site was held by the mysterious Elzid, the Amber Mage, a noted mysterious and reclusive wizard with an interest in the arcane histories of the Amber Mages. He built a stone tower, known as the “Raven’s Roost”, and lived in seclusion, largely left to his own devices by the handful of woodsmen that lived nearby, and it is said he had an “understanding” with the local fey and forest creatures. He was believed slain in the destruction of his tower around TR 890.

Coinneach “Old Man” Shadow came to Thornkeep in TR 1027, under mysterious circumstances. He paid for the large plot of land now known as Green Dagger Farm to the Baron of Thornkeep in gold flake nuggets, hinting that he had been a successful prospector of some sort.

Keeping much to himself over the years, he was known to take on orphans as help on his farm, keeping them around for a few years before sending them off to be apprentices in various trades. He also had a few friends come by the farm, from time to time, to help with the animals and crops, before they too would leave for other parts unknown, sometimes to return, but often not.

In early-1049, he disappeared under mysterious circumstances. One of his friends reported the farm abandoned, its stock taken and the fields neglected, hinting at his disappearance being sometime before the snows had melted. The furnishings and tools on the farm were seized by the baron’s clerks to pay for taxes, and an heir was sought to replace its ownership. It is assumed he and his stock were taken by creatures from deeper in the woods.

A few months later, notice was sent by a litigant in Mornhaven, since identified as Carlios “the Scrivner”, that the “heirs” of the land would be arriving to claim their birthright before the end of the year, thus preparing the barony’s clerks for the day someone would either claim the lands for themselves, or admit to a disinterest in taking up the land, seeking a settlement instead.


The farm was first examined by the adventurers in early-Savor, TR 1049, and they quickly moved into its main hall. It came under a raid by a small bandit gang associated with the Stag Lord, but this attack was silenced and the adventurers conducted a major renovation of the hall, including adding a slate roof. Within days, they began attracting followers to the farm, and made it a working complex once more.

When the adventurers first came to the farm in early-Savor, TR 1049, they brought with them Vesina “Ironstone”, a former young courtesan and chosen companion of Ricochet. She has a past as a noblewoman, and it shows; while she is not above helping out the manor staff in their duties, she tries. She is seen, however, by most others on the manor, as being something of the resident “lady”, and they increasingly bring problems to her for resolution, and treat her as the consort of one of their lords, which in many ways, she is. Vesina has a small purse of about a thousand (1000) coppers for emergency needs on the farm. Much of her remaining free time is now spent in working on her sewing and helping the farmers, particularly helping look after the children. Whenever possible, she spends time in Thornkeep, attending Baroness Neria Blackshield, who is fast becoming a good friend.


Following the events of early-Savor, TR 1049, Mistress Firlan Brooks has took over operating the farmlands, bringing her two cottager families along with her. As of the 20th of Savor, TR 1049, they had built three small shacks close to the woodland on the ridge, due primarily to time and a lack of other good places. They had also brought their remaining cattle (about a dozen, plus a pair of oxen), and have plans for barley and Nightscale Roots the following spring. They managed to get 10-acres of rye planted, and much of the farmlands plowed before the snows fell, and gathered enough winter fodder for their cattle and the adventurers own small herd of horses and goats. They also intend to plant Nightscale Roots with the spring, having acquired numerous seed pods in late-Autumn, TR 1049.

In late-Savor, the adventurers excavated the tower site over several days, and discovered a ruined mage’s vaults in the cellars. In mid-Shorn, the adventurers repaired much of the damage to the collapsed chambers, converting them back into storage halls for several seasons of common supplies taken from the bugbear soldier’s camp of Blackmaw the Night Hag, and the bandits of Thorn River Crossing.

In mid-Shorn, the adventurers managed to secure the service of a pair of Huntsmen, rescuing them from having been imprisoned by Blackmaw the Night Hag’s bugbear soldiers. Armed as light archers, they serve doing simple chores for the great hall, such as helping look after the adventurer’s animals, but also patrol the woods nearby for game, look for good timber for the manor, and potential two-legged intruders.

Following the events of the Harvest Festival, in mid-Shorn, TR 1049, Doireann Hurler brought her daughter to work and live with the adventurers, taking over many of the tasks of Vesina, though the latter still helps. At the same time, Anilda settled into the Fallen Tower Vaults, cleaning and maintaining the dungeons for the adventurers. She has also proven to be a talented (and sneaky) clothier.

In late-Uktar, they acquired the services of an itinerant blacksmith, Mourde Carter, who helps care for the horses and deals with many of the simpler maintenance issues, such as firewood (for both hearth and forge), and hauling water.


Blood Feathers Attack on Green Dagger

In early-Echos, TR 1049, the farm came under an attack by a small army of fey beasts, including a particularly large owlbear named Blood Feathers, and an unknown Green Hag. During the attack, the farm’s henchmen; kobolds, huntsmen and the smith Mourde Carter proved their worth by helping to damage the attackers. Mourde, in particular, proved to have an indomitable spirit and a powerful swing. This raiding party was destroyed, but the mounting winter snows ensured the group would be staying in the farm for the next season, engaged in various personal tasks.

Throughout the latter weeks of Alturik, TR 1050, a handful of young huntsmen began to settle in Green Dagger, attracted to offers of work and possibly land, swelling the ranks of the manor’s huntsmen to ten (10). They reside in the main mothalla, while they await the promise of a barracks to be built in the spring. All are equipped with simple leather armor, spears, and hand axes, and includes a few days rations in a 20-lb shoulder sack with a 50’-hemp rope in their inventories, though the latter is often stowed in their quarters. They also take some 10’-poles from the farm’s stores when they go hunting to haul game. They assist the local farmers when required, but spend most of their time training with their bows and spears, and wandering the nearby woods collecting firewood and hunting for signs of nearby predators and game.

With the lessening of the cold weather, numerous new souls began to arrive at the farm, including a handful of followers seeking service with the newly-declared Princess of Thorns, a dire wolf (potential) pet, and the elemental creature known as Garnet “Ironhand”. Soon thereafter, Torra Stonefarmer began construction of the houses and barracks paid for by Ric, relieving much of the housing demands of the farm’s growing population.

Iron Key (Fallen Tower Vaults Summoning Chamber)
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Green Dagger Farm

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