Green Feather Trade Coster


The Green Feather Trade Coster is recent effort to band together many small merchants under one banner in the City of Greenwalls, providing caravan services for such relatively poor merchants, as well as potential markets for their goods. The coster operates a few caravans to Katarre, Mornhaven, and into Fellreeves March, all based from Seville. The company uses hired mercenaries and adventurers as guards, paying 4sp per day, plus food, drink and lodging. Guards also receive a bonus upon safe arrival of a caravan’s goods at their destination, plus a share of any goods or arms captured enroute.

The coster also maintains a regular route north of Seville into the northern portions of the Barony of Ambarin, along the Old Forest Road leading to the lands around Eveningstar and the Twisted Hill. The route is small and its caravans are usually only those directly sponsored by Master Drythorn himself, but they are important, because they supply several small hamlets in the region that also supply numerous expeditions into the dungeons under Twisted Hill, and are a source of gemstones, magic relics and other goods of a rare or otherwise unknown nature. Drythorn has taken a close personal interest in this region, and has invested in the economic development of its farms, and various businesses to support these efforts, to the point that the Green Feather is welcome by even the bandits and isolated farms of the bordering regions without molestation or question. In most cases, he is their only market, and the only source for their luxury goods.

The coster is owned and operated by Master Theodert Drythorn, an energetic Iberian who runs the company with enthusiastic abandon. He happily deals in any goods he can, provided they’re legal, and often acts as a broker for adventurers selling their more exotic goods for a ten-percent commission. He is known to have numerous agents throughout Ambarin, looking for new markets or objects for sale, and ensuring their master gets his cut, which they, in turn, share a portion of. His wife, Meroflede is a pleasant young Iberian woman, who adores her husband, and while she stays out of the merchant business, is good at court and as his own agent with the Mangai; she throws lavish parties and keeps in close contact with merchant’s spouses and is the center of the merchant’s social scene in the province.

The coster maintains an auction house in Seville where many of these goods are purchased by lot, including rare relics, rare perfumes and spices, liquors and other exotic goods found by adventurers during their travels, but unable to sell such valuable goods directly on the market. The coster conducts many of its bulk transactions through this house as well, making it a popular clearing house each season, where bulk goods can be acquired cheaply, though bidding can be fierce from time to time. A small fortress, the building is run by Drythorn’s half-orc adopted daughter, Artessa “Nightbreeze” Drythorn, who is proving capable of one day taking over the business. She is a ruthless bargainer and known for her love of a good “bargaining scrap”. She is a noted fixture at Mangai, meetings and is likely being groomed for a position on the Trade Council.

The employees of the coster are men and women of local origins, each bearing the traditional badge of a silver and green enameled feather on their breast. Many also wear large green feathers in their hair and on their hats. All have basic combat training, and usually bear a long-knife in defense of themselves and their products. It is well-known that retirement in the organization can net a common laborer a plot of land in the northern stretches of Ambarin province as a reward for ten years of faithful service. Most employees are extremely loyal to their badge and coster.

Green Feather Trade Coster

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