Halted-Stream Camp


Halted-Stream Camp is the source of Master Borath Stonesplitter of Thornkeep’s mined ores, a natural outcropping of what is known as “Ironstone”, a porous, reddish stone dug out of surface deposits. The site has been consistently employed by various miners for nearly two hundred years, and much of the site’s over-burden has long since been removed.

The long, trench-like mines are now almost thirty feet deep, and prone to flooding. Once extracted, the ore is broken into pellets roughly the size of walnuts. In addition to iron, sometimes copper is found in smaller quantities, while ornamental tiger iron and red hematite (both worth 10 gps), and rarely semi-precious bloodstones (worth 50 gps) have also been found at times.

Wood is then collected to make charcoal, typically only alder is cut and stacked, due to its rapid growth and relatively easy access in the boggy valley near the mine. Several beehive furnaces are found at the site made of limestone and clay, which ensures that the process to smelt the ore takes about a full day while it melts the compacted mass of charcoal and iron ore pellets melts together into a single rough lump of raw iron.


Raw Iron Ore Pellets

These lumps of iron, weighing roughly 2-3 lbs, are shipped to Thornkeep, where they are reheated and smelted down into Stones of 12 lbs each, stamped with Stonesplitter’s personal forge mark and shipped west to Hexwater bound for markets in Mornhaven and beyond.

The camp is located about four miles south-east of Thornkeep, and is watched over by Captain Drake Angel, a bald, fiery little man who oversees production at the mining camp, assisted by a company of mercenary thugs who guard the mine, the charcoalers and the weekly caravan of ore travelling to Thornkeep.

Halted-Stream Camp

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