Hark's Helms


Hark’s Helms, sometimes also known as “The Vigilant Helms” are a ruthless, cold, clear reasoning mercenary company with a no-nonsense approach to solving problems. They take pride in being professional and other mercenaries grudgingly respect them. Their leader, Captain Guthra Hark, however, is in danger of being removed from his position by his own men, should he ever show weakness, and his company faces extinction should they ever drop their guard. They are known to take private security contracts, and to have a large warchest available.

The troopers of Hark’s Helms are only (officially) granted title to a single company of heavy infantry, but have at least a dozen Blades, or other independent operatives that serve as couriers and bodyguards outside the company. They are typically veterans equipped with plate armor, shields, longswords and battle axes, but are also known to use greatswords and great hammers on occasion. While they do not bear a crest on their shields, their helmets are distinctive and provide all the crest they require in their duties.

In addition to their leader, Guthra Hark, there are three known sub-commanders; Lieutenant Berok Bullhide, Lieutenant Kahli “The Hand” Knarr, and Lieutenant Skaald “the Scribe”. While respected and carefully watched by other mercenary companies, enemies of this group tend to disappear suddenly. Their troopers tend to serve nobles as personal guards in dangerous assignments, and they also work as a company during high profile balls and other important events. Hark keeps a townhouse in the wealthy Mage Quarter, from which most activities are organized. It is known he keeps the company wealth here, and a small armory for their exclusive use, as well as a handful of “off-duty” guards who watch the building.

Hark's Helms

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