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…Or, Mark Oakley is a God

Robin N. Crossby (Greater God of the Harn Universe) has said that “… the three critical elements to successful fantasy role-playing are; game mastering, environment, and rules. One should not forget players, of course, but without a good game master to interpret the rules fairly, or to provide an exciting set of scenarios, no campaign can be wholly successful. Good rules are desirable, but every good GM is forced to ‘wing-it’ at times, making changes to the rules, and generally trying to keep one step ahead of the party as it travels. A good environment, however, must be coherent, believable, and above all, consistent. Preparation for this can require countless hours of exacting work and plenty of record-keeping.”

My purpose in preparing this wiki is simple. I hope that by providing a basic guide to Argoth, everyone who visits my campaign world will gain a better sense of belonging. Argoth has been campaigned in for many, many years (at least since the late 70’s), and has changed much since the times my friends and I would pass notes back-and-forth in Math class, telling each other what would happen when lunch-time arrived. The actions of characters such as Elektra, Iron-Nose, Rand Silvershard, and Constantius Shadowborn, among others, have made their way into the campaign structure, in one form or another. Argoth is still evolving, and rest assured that the decisions made in the campaign of today will be felt in the campaigns of tomorrow; everyone has something to give to the campaign world that will make it enjoyable for everyone else.

Important Campaign References

Green Dagger Farm
Green Dagger Archives
Green Dagger Armory
Green Dagger Treasury

Campaign Information

The World As We Know It
The Earthmasters
Time and Seasons
Home and Hearth
Manor Life
Shemite Society
People of the Stolen Lands
The Economy
Trade Goods
Cosmology of the Multiverse
The Shek-Pvar and Arcane Lore

Non-Canon Bestiary

Bone Golem
Candlemere Bog Lizard
Candlemere Bog Lizardfolk
Firbolg Giant
Firefoot Fox
Flame Drake
Flying Serpent
Forest Wyrm
Giant Fire Ant (Warrior)
Giant Fire Ant (Worker)
Giant Owl
Ice Troll
Pack Guar
Shadow Fey Courtier
Shadow Fey Duelist
Shadow Fey Hunter
Shadow Raven
Spirit Warriors
Twig Blight

Known Dominions of Argoth

The Principality of Shem – The Forest Kingdom

Barony of Ambarin – Heartlands
Barony of Archenshield – Realm of Secrets
Dreadwaters March – The Black Lotus
Brightwall March – Fallen Glory
Elmshire March – Realm of the Roseblade
Fellreeves March – Call of the Mountains
Barony of Freestead – The Stone Realm
Greensward March – Leaf and Blade
Barony of Seaholme – Songs of the Sea
Westlaws March – Rugged Frontier
Barony of Winewater – Blood and Wine

The Iberian City-States

The City-State of Crebain – Blackgate
The City-State of Kephira – Breadbasket of Iberia
The City-State of Nurelia – Realm of the Bask
The City-State of Pagostra – City of Horses
The City-State of Serelind – First Among Equals

Other Realms of Argoth

The Kingdom of Antonica – Church and State
The Kingdom of Azadmere – Iron Holds
The Border Kingdoms – Blood and Gold
The Kingdom of Brak – High Chivalry
The Broken Lands – Realm of the Orc Kings
The Kingdom of Evael – Ice and Magic
The Republic of Fairhaven – White Magic
The Fallen Lands – Realm of the Ice Lords
The Freeport Republic – Trade Port of the West
The Kingdom of Greysmere – Dwarven Crags
The Hordelands – The Shining Horseclans
The Kingdom of Imladris – Elvish Havens
The Free-City of Khorbul – The Iron Hammer
The Kingdom of Phaedra – The Mage Isles
The Ravensgaarde Republic – Adventurers Realm
The Shadow Dragon’s Remnant
The Shatter – Fallen Realm of the Coranik Imperium
The Sithian Theocracy – The Serpent’s Domain
The Barony of Tauria – House of the Bull
The Lordship of Tulwyn – Island of Purple Sails
The Vulhakara of Vulcanir – Land of a Thousand Kings
The Free-State of Westwind – The Emerald Realm

Known Communities of Shem

Hexwater – Fortified Trade Town


Mornhaven, the City of Bright Sails

People of Power in Mornhaven
The Adventurer’s Quarter
Briar’s Wood
The Coin and Mage Quarters
The Dockyards Quarter
The Market Quarter
The Royal Quarter
The Temple Quarter

Seville, the City of Greenwalls

Amberlore Manor
Cultan Ford
Eylea Abbey
The Warrens

Thornkeep, Den of Villainy

Alejia’s Crossing
Blackhart Farm
Caer Dragonscorn
Cold Springs
Darkmoon Manor
Green Dagger Farm
Halted-Stream Camp
Raider’s Roost
Tarrasque Manor
Wolfram Farm
Woodbristle Manor

Known Terrain, Bandit Gangs, and other Hostile Features

The Accursed Halls
Dismal Caverns
Echo Cleft
Echo Wood
The Fey Courts
The First World
Gorian’s Pack
Raider’s Roost
Sandpoint Logging Camp
Silvershadow Lake
The Shadowfell
Skull-Basher’s Den
The Pit of Chains
The Briarwarren
The Deep Way

Known Organizations

The Lia-Kavair

The Black Hand
The Darknight Brigade
The Green Dagger Gang
The Griffons
The Iron RIng
The Realm

The Mangai

Black Swan Shipping Company
Coldbreeze Company
Green Feather Trade Coster
Red Star Company
The Silver Unicorns
The Stags Trade Company
Swordflames Trade Company
Three Stones Company
The Trail Lords
Windriders Trade Company

Mercenary Companies

The Black Dragons
The Grey Feathers
Hark’s Helms
The Sea Wolves

The Stone Circle

Campaign Reminders and Rules

Rulership 2!
Rulership 3!
Rulership 4!
Xanathar’s Guide to Everything


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