Red Star Company


Merchant : ### $$$ : The Red Star Company is known for unpredictable shipping schedules, but having access to unusual trade goods, from exotic places. The coster regularly sponsors lavish feasts for the noble clans in the city of Mornhaven to make up for their oft-late shipments, and often include a “kiss”, or extra goods thrown in to make up for their lack. Their red star sigil is painted directly on their ship’s sails, and on small iron badges worn by their agents.

Although small, they manage to keep their expenses low and often engage in trades without regard for politics or borders; this flexibility has kept them in business when most other small operations have folded. The coster has the monopoly on chocolate supply shipments from the Molkurian Islands, and conducts most of its trade in cheese, nuts, dried grapes, liquors and exotic spices. They are primarily a company of sea traders, and have a trio of large cogs which occupy most of their interests, though they also sponsor small land caravans from time to time. They also trade in obscure puzzle toys from Molkuria, most of which are given as gifts to their patrons, or as its managers say “… to keep the coins flowing…”.

The company is run by Torcall Render, a master merchant of the Mangai, who has slowly built the coster over the last twenty years. Based from a trade office in Mornhaven, their agents are few, but command a presence among the nobles seeking the latest treats for their feasts and parties. In particular, they are often seen at court, providing food for the royal clan.

Red Star Company

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