Sandpoint Logging Camp

Sandpoint Timber Camp


Sandpoint Timber Camp is a clearing hacked from the forest in a large grove of oaks and cedars, located two miles north of Thornkeep, along the Mosswater Road, and near Echo Creek. A narrow track, once well-traveled fifty years ago, the road today is rutted only from this point south into town. The road here winds through a thick woodland of dense oaks, and the camp is a collection of temporary huts and sheds used only as long as people work the nearby timber, surrounded by a loose field stone wall. Timber is stockpiled here, and brought to the Timberwright in town every few days.

At peak operation, up to fifty loggers can be at the camp, working ten hours a day, four days on, one day off, for as long as the foreman keeps them running his quotas. The crews spend their time away from work gambling, drinking, sleeping, telling tales of the forests, and practicing their craft’s “sports” (usually climbing and axe-throwing). About once a month, the camp holds a competition, with the winners getting to crawl the Ogre’s Thirst Inn at the expense of the guild.

Locals are typically armed with axes and knives at all times. Crossbows are kept at the camp in case of bandits, usually under lock, oiled and stored in racks for ease of access. There are sometimes a handful of armed thugs keeping watch during times of alert, with light armor, crossbows and clubs, particularly when word has reached them that a logging crew met an untimely end, or bandits are known to be operating in the area.

Sandpoint Logging Camp

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