Shiv's Spare Gear

The Following is Shiv’s Spare Gear and remains in his Room.

Fur Cloak
Fine Wolf Cloak
Fine Brown Velvet Court Suit trimmed with wolf fur and a wolf cloak. (250 gp).
Four suits of Courtier’s Clothes (75 gp each).
Gaming Set
2 bags of Ball Bearings
1 Bag of Caltrops
Vial of Serpent Venom
8 oz of Lichen Gloriosa (Elvish : “Loth-nu-Fuin”) [cooking ingredient]
5 Fine Leather Hides
2 Wolverine Pelts
5 barrels of Local Cider
5 batches of Blue Whinnis

Private cash

89 gp
20 ep
760 sp

Shiv's Spare Gear

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