Silvershadow Lake


Deep in the heart of the Echo Wood, lies the beautiful, hidden lake surrounded by groves of silver birch. Known as Silvershadow Lake, it is considered one of the truly fey places within the Echo Wood. A clear mile wide, and stretching more than nine miles north-south about six miles east of the Raven’s Ridge hills, the lake quietly dominates the center of the forest. It is filled and emptied by the Mythwater, the central stream of the forest.


Rumors claim that the lake is jealously guarded by dryads, sprites, pixies and other fey creatures who protect the forest and the trees sheltering around its edges, assisted by a band of reclusive satyrs. They’ll barely tolerate the barbarians of the Wolfsmane tribe, but resent the woodcutters and trappers of Thornkeep, and more than a few greedy huntsmen and trappers who practice their trades too close to the lake simply vanish.

It has since been revealed that these fey are ruled by a Lady of the Border Court, Sylessi, the Lady of the Lake. She and her River-Maiden companions protect and defend the region, leading a small army of sprites, pixies and other fey creatures. She is an ally of Tiressia and her dryads.


The Water Palace

In the middle of the lake lies its greatest secret, the so-called “Water Palace”. A small building rising above the center of the lake, it seems constructed of white stone with a curved roof and is nestled amid rugged rocks.

It became apparent, soon after the group completed the “Treaty of the Wildwood” in mid-Kelen, TR 1050, that the protection of the lake included the Water Palace, and is, perhaps, the reason behind the fey’s constant protection of its surrounding territory. The Water Palace is also rumored to be associated with the Mortal Instruments, three ancient relics dating to the foundation of humanities’ presence in Argoth, though nothing else is known about them, though entry to the Water Palace requires their presence.

Silvershadow Lake

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