The Accursed Halls


“Beneath Brokenhelm Hill and the weathered walls of Caer Dragonscorn, lies an ancient maze of magic and madness. Once believed to be an outpost of the fallen Droskari Dwarves, the halls were left abandoned for a thousand years after the disappearance of that forsaken and evil clan. Over the centuries, adventurers have found their way inside these twisted passages and magnificent chambers, only to discover the fading magic of that clan and other powers lingers still. The people of the realm know the dungeon as the “Halls Under the Hill”, but the heroes that return from their depths call it by a different name; “The Accursed Halls”.


All that is known of the Halls, is from fragmentary tales of adventurers who have braved the halls over the last few years. Old treasures of the fallen Kingdom of Zog, and one or two prize relics from the era of the Amber Mages have been pulled from the “Halls Under the Hill”, but ancient curses and long latent magicks strike intruders like living things, and there is a dark, tangible sense of the entire place watching intruders. Fell magicks continue to haunt the place, and shadows, skeletons and worse dwell within its haunted halls. The Halls were never completed, however, with the Droskari abandoning their great works in the Halls for other pursuits.

From an ancient bronze statue of some great bugbear ruler, the adventurers have recovered the Sword of Zog, though they have not made its presence known outside their close band.


The Door of Seven Stars

Located near the entrance to the Accursed Halls, is the Door of Seven Stars. A magically sealed large stone door, seven thumb-sized sockets are embedded in the door, arranged in a ring around a starburst design. Other arcane symbols are placed around the door, but their meaning is lost to time. Beyond lies a long tunnel, and the Stone Cauldron of Scrying, in a chamber of shining gold leaf in exotic, arcane designs on its walls and pillars.

The door can only be opened through placing seven stones, one of each of the seven basic colors in the spectrum of light, in the sockets, in the traditional pattern known to arcane users. Seven is a holy number among the Shek-Pvar, thus hinting at its connection with the Amber Mages of renown.

The Accursed Halls

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