The Black Dragons


The Black Dragons are a force of two companies of mercenaries based in Mornhaven, known for being just and reliable, though the average Black Dragon is more likely to be protective of himself rather than his client’s cause. This keeps them from being hired for high-priority cargoes, and protection details, but caravan work is common. Typically they are polite, and keep a watchful eye on clients and rivals. Troopers must be “…battle-ready at all times…”, meaning that even when they are not on contract, they tend to wear their armor and weapons at all times.

Troopers in the Black Dragons wear black surcoats over dark leather armor and bear shields. They are typically armed with longswords, light crossbows and a couple quivers of bolts. They can, if required, also wear chainmail armor, especially during caravan work when they are expected to ride the wagons. The force is almost exclusively veterans, with a handful of “Blades”, who are mostly pairs of troopers serving as bodyguards, or hired to escort small traders for single missions.

The unit operates from a small townhouse in Mornhaven, which doubles as armory and barracks, but most individuals maintain their own residences elsewhere in the city. The leader of the Black Dragons is Captain Calhoun “Cutter”, and the two companies are commanded by Lieutenant “One-Eye” Barrel, and Lieutenant Elspheer “Firehook”, all commoners by birth, but have raised themselves to their positions by force of arms. They maintain many contacts with the Mangai, and through them get most of their contracts.

The Black Dragons

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