The Earth Dragon

Wyrm of the Hills, Earth Drake, Serpent of Stone, The Coiled One, – Demigod of Earth and Hidden Treasures


The Earth Dragon is an ancient demi-god of the Beast Shards, a remnant of the era when spirits of nature were worshiped as gods. Unlike most gods of Argoth, the Earth Dragon is not part of a sophisticated theology. Believed to be the living spirit of the Dragonsgrasp Mountain, it has since spread its influence to all of the eastern portions of the Beast Shards, particularly among the Fellreeves. It has stubbornly held power in the region, and almost every tribe and culture in the area has fallen to its worship over the millennia.

Worship of the Earth Dragon is limited to this relatively small region where its control of the land is strongest. Its relationship is simple to its worshipers; in return for sacrifice and obedience, it protects its worshipers and makes them prosperous. But it can also be an angry god, and it destroys as easily as it creates.

The domain of the Earth Dragon has always been on Argoth, and is centered on Mount Dragonsgrasp. Legends claim it lives in an expansive underground lair avoided by all underdark explorers and creatures. Especially faithful worshipers are sometimes brought to the Earth Dragon’s lair to bask in their deity’s glory. The temple of the Earth Dragon on Dragonsgrasp Mountain has a shaft of unknown depth that is used to drop sacrifices down into the god’s realm. The magic of the shaft is rumored to safely transport victims into its lair, where they are devoured.

The Earth Dragon most commonly manifests its power as an earthquake to indicate its displeasure. It may also cause avalanches, rains of stone, and rarely, volcanic eruptions. The Earth Dragon is often manifested as a mottled serpent or a gargantuan dragon formed of variegated stone laced with precious ores. Its holy symbol is a bronze coiled serpent.

The domain of the Earth Dragon’s clerics, is Knowledge.


The heart of the Earth Dragon Cult is based in a temple complex beneath Mount Dragonsgrasp, in the southern Beast Shards. It is the only known temple of the Earth Dragon.

“The Earth Dragon Provides” : The Earth Dragon is the living spirit of the Earth, and those who worship and obey it will be protected. The Earth Dragon knows all the secrets of the land, and favors its chosen with knowledge and power. Those who worship, sacrifice, and spread the faith, please the great god.

Activities dealing with working the earth or stone, or labor beneath the earth, is pleasing to the god. The Earth Dragon counts any farmers, miners, and masons as equally regarded followers. Common folk embrace the bounty’s of the earth and fear its destructive fury. Warriors focus on the destructive powers of the Earth Dragon, particularly appealing to humanoid worshipers.

Worship is offered in its temples each “Earthday”, or the third day of each week; important sacrifices are made on the third day of the third week of each month. There are no other notable festivals.

Priests of the Earth Dragon wear brown robes embroidered in gold thread and gemstones. During ceremonies, they wear the bronzed skulls of young dragons on their heads, items gathered by young acolytes to claim the title of priest, from when they slew a young, good-aligned dragon to prove their worthiness.

They favor scale mail and shields emblazoned with the bronze coiled serpent symbol of their god. They prefer to wear sturdy, reinforced work garb more appropriate for forays into the mines and mountains rather than their ceremonial raiment. They work hard at their chosen professions, and become quite skilled at them. They are also known to be skilled masters of lore, and value treasures of books and scrolls.

The Earth Dragon

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