The Freeport Republic - Trade Port of the West


The Freeport Republic, formerly the Aleathian Republic, is a free-city with a long history of republican traditions, having had three separate incarnations of such a non-traditional government. The first lasted seven years (from TR 565 – 572 ) after the demise of the first Coranik Empire, and ended in the city’s fall to the Theocracy of Theodorus. The second republic was formed in TR 612 to restore order during the Interregnum; it had maintained its independence from the Traskan valley by paying a nominal tribute to the Malachite Throne at Corannos.

The rise of A’khorahil placed the continued independence of the Republic in doubt, but the dragon swarm of TR 1024 eradicated that potential, and brought its own woes in the form of several wyrms that attempted to annihilate the city. The local garrison consisted of the Imperial Orkish Legion, who assisted in the defense of the city, and actually managed to slay the offending dragons. The orcs settled in the area and have adapted remarkably well, becoming integral to local politics, and continue to represent the bulk of its military forces. Most work their own small farms, others as labourers and soldiers in the city of Freeport itself.

The resulting generation of half-orcs, displaying a level of finesse unthought of, have greatly altered the Republican government, and forced numerous changes to the charters, creating a whole new, third incarnation of the Republic. Freeport is the western terminus of sea trade in Argoth, exporting fish, and fine linen cloth & textiles, a trade dating back centuries to the foundation of the city in TR 356.


Half-Orcs’ grayish pigmentation, sloping foreheads, jutting jaws, prominent teeth and towering builds make their heritage plain for all to see. Proving themselves has become a tradition among the clans in Freeport, but they get by on their physical superiority, their unflagging endurance, and sheer determination, and are respected citizens of the Republic.

Their superior vision, and hulking nature has them working closely in the ports, textile factories and as fishermen and farmers. The half-orcs are also well-represented in the military, and their history of Imperial martial culture, has heavily influenced their activities and traditions.

PCs as Freeport Half-Orcs : As the PHB.

The Freeport Republic - Trade Port of the West

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