The Grey Feathers


A mercenary archer company, the Grey Feathers are best identified by their grey tunics over studded leather armor. The entire force numbers over two-hundred, or two cohorts, and they serve only as archers avoiding melee combat, preferring garrison work. They are armed with short swords, long bows and use a distinctive war arrow that their own armory produces. Commanded by Lord Nimos Firearrow, a veteran mercenary captain.

For the last few years, the unit has served the Crown of the Forest Kingdom, having been granted a holding on the edge of the Smoke Woods in the latter years of the Warduke’s reign, as a reward for their actions during the western wars with the Shadow Dragon’s Remnant. They have always performed scouting duties in company-sized forces, and have always striven to keep their entire force intact.

Their fort, known as Firehammer Hold, is a fortified barracks capable of holding both cohorts, as well administer the local lands under their control, a stretch of mostly forest covering roughly 2500 acres, or four square miles. The bulk of the company revenues comes through caravan and garrison work, though at least a single cohort occupies the fortress at any given moment.

The Grey Feathers

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