The Kingdom of Antonica - Church and State


The Kingdom of Antonica is a Ninnellen kingdom, that had long since gained its independence from once being a vassal state of the Old Coranik Empire. Founded nearly 200 years ago, with the general collapse of the first Imperium, it has become a powerful nation on the northern fringe of civilization, and had dominated trade between the lands of the Imperium (what is now the Shatter ) and the Iberian City-States for the length of its present rule. Known for the independence of its barons, and often suffering from a lack of strong kings, it has presently come under the wise and direct rule of King Miginath.

In recent decades, the crown has shown to possess vast sums of monies, magicks, and mercenaries, all from unknown sources. Chronically engaged in border skirmishes with the generally evil-aligned Imperium, it had founded some of the greatest military orders of knighthood, and these forces have always held the kingdom together. With the failing health of the king, it will likely be these troops that will keep the barons in line, until a new king can be chosen. Exports from this realm are chiefly copper, wool & grain, though the salt, marble, and the northern fur trade must pass through this kingdom, swelling its coffers considerably.


Hyvrik is the checkered shield of the Celestial Paladin, and figures prominently in many of that church’s temples and rituals, but an entire knightly order has been created by the crown, granted large tracts of land, and supports the kingdom’s borders against encroachments by bandits and evil forces, including monsters and followers of the Harbinger.

The Order of the Checkered Shield was founded in TR 951 to guard the western borders of the Kingdom. The order quickly attracted many new knights and proved instrumental in securing its borders against the more aggressive forces loyal to the Coranik Empire. The order’s headquarters are in the fortress town of Menekod, seized from the Order of the Copper Hook during Ezar’s War.

The Checkered Shield is known for its individual and collective military prowess, as well as its ideals of chivalry. Its knights travel widely in an effort to gain renown and prove their worth to the order, often staking claims in the eastern stretches of the Border Kingdoms, trying to bring order to an unruly land. Many also travel further east or even into the eaves of the Forest Kingdom, looking for lands and territories unclaimed by anyone else.

There is a deep-rooted hostility between it and the Agrikan military orders, which includes the lands largely taken from the Agrikans over the years. The Order of the Bronze Hook’s sole remaining holding, an isolated castle along the edge of the Kom Hills over-looking the coast, sends out skirmishers from time to time, who harass the knights of the order and pillage their fields.

The Kingdom of Antonica - Church and State

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