The Kingdom of Azadmere


The mountain fastness (both city and kingdom) of King Hazmadul is located on the north end of Lake Arain in the Sorkin Mountains. Azadmere is a kingdom of Khuzan which imports much of its own food from the Kingdom of Brak and the City-State of Nurelia (closest of the Iberian cities) in exchange for cunningly wrought artifacts.


King Hazmadul of Azadmere

King Hazmadul is owed fealty and tribute, in the form of foodstuffs, by the Baron of Habe (a nearby human demesne). The kingdom is sealed by the “castle” at Zerhun, a fortress which covers the entrance to the valley and limits outside contact. True to dwarven tradition, they are very lawful, and rather paranoid, in their constant skirmishes with the goblin-kin of the surrounding mountains. Azadmere is known best for its superb Dwarf-Forged weapons, armor, and other finished goods such as gems and jewelry. It is the only nation to export gold as a trade good, and this provides the bulk of the gold coinage in use by the other nations of Argoth.

The Dwarves of Azadmere are known as Mountain Dwarves, noted for their strength and hardiness, accustomed to their difficult lives in the rugged terrain of the Azadmere Mountains. Tall for dwarves, they tend towards lighter colors of skin, hair and eye colour. They are considered one of the seven great clans of the dwarven race.

PCs as Mountain Dwarves : Increase Strength score by 2. You start with proficiency in light and medium armor.

The Kingdom of Azadmere

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