The Kingdom of Imladris - Elvish Havens


The Kingdom of Imladris represents the last remnant of the Sindarin realm that once covered all of the southern portions of Argoth, now more of a sanctuary than a kingdom in the human sense. The kingdom’s borders are roughly defined as the Cliffs of Dawn to the east, and the coasts of Char-Stone Bay to the west, but the realm also lays loose claim to many nearby regions, particularly the Barrow Downs east and Greensward March south of their lands. These territories are maintained by active patrols and hunting parties seeking to remove “infestations” of orcs and goblins. The realm has a working relationship with the Forest Kingdom, and maintains an ambassador at their court, Vanar Truthseeker.

Within the region loosely claimed by the Principality, are the elvish havens of Imladris; “Galenros” (often referred to as “Half-Way Inn” ), a forest community with no more than a hundred individuals, and “Tawarwaith”, a metropolis of more than 2100 elves. Despite their differences in size, they still have a uniform structure and are remarkably similar. The elves of both consider themselves under the stewardship of the great elven king Cirdan, and answer directly to the demands of his court.

Galenros (Elvish – “Greenspray” ) : Named for the river and waterfall next to which it was built, the waters of Galenros leeches high levels of copper from the hills it flows from, granting the water a green tint. Galenros’ population is primarily artists, philosophers and herbalists who have chosen to live outside the “Blessed Realm”, and act as something of a bordertown to the realm. The village is a place of uniform peace and tranquility, despite sometimes having visitors who are not elven in its environs. The place is noteworthy as a common site for hunters and rangers who travel the nearby Greensward to base out of, and is usually as close to the elven realm most humans or dwarves will ever get.

Tawarwaith (Elvish – “Forest City” ) : The capital and largest settlement of the Kingdom of Imladris, it is possibly the most beautiful city in all of Argoth; that its inhabitants enjoy the highest standards of living is without question. The entire city has been designed with the typical eye of the Wood Elves for both beauty and function. Workshops, fortifications and residences blend together with the natural setting to create an unearthly effect to mortal man. The main citadel is considered a gift from the Khuzan to the elven people, though its design was softened somewhat by Sindar artisans and masons, giving it a more “faerie” appearance. For all its beauty and fragility, however, it remains one of the most powerful citadels of Argoth.

The Kingdom of Imladris - Elvish Havens

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