The Pit of Chains


A steep-sided sinkhole surrounded by thick strands of goblinbrambles and dead trees, the Pit of Chains is a known entrance to a deep set of subterranean limestone caverns. A natural series of worn shelves and stairs descends down the sides of the Pit; rusting chains with hundreds of wicked hooks attached are anchored in the pit walls, dangling along its edges. Old rotting corpses of goblins, humans and other folk dangle from some, while many others lie along the floor where they fell. The smell of the place is ghastly.


The Pit of Chains was known as the home of a particularly violent tribe of goblins, the Ripping Chains. The tribe was known to be spurred on in their wickedness by some sort of demon named Skarmag, later revealed to be a Barghest, who pushed them into increasingly hateful raids and wickedness. Rumors that he was trying to force the other goblin tribes to pay him fealty and use them to reforge the Kingdom of Zog once more, seem somewhat true, as he had amassed a large store of treasure and supplies, and it was revealed that their lair had an entrance into a minor branch of the Deep Way.

Skarmag was slain, and the bulk of the tribe broken and scattered following a raid by the adventurers in late-Uktar, TR 1049. Today, small bands of goblins led by the beefier members of the tribe are found in the woods nearby, or stronger groups attempt to hold their positions in the maze-like warren of deep stone tunnels beneath the pit. Eventually, the lair is bound to become a broken, minor tribe of the little beasts, and their fearsome reputation of the past is lost.

The Pit of Chains

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