The Sea Wolves


Enthusiastic, but sometimes careless, reckless or inattentive, the Sea Wolves are a group of mercenaries, apt to rush into battle leaving guarded cargoes undefended, and have a reputation for being easily distracted. Their leadership is aware of this, but it’s difficult to resolve, given most of its troopers are former pirates. Most Sea Wolves are boastful and tend to look down on their competition.

The force is armed with brown tunics over their common leather armor, but do not wield shields. They commonly use pikes, but also bear light crossbows, a quiver of bolts and scimitars. They maintain a small estate outside the western gate of Mornhaven along the coast in Fishtown, where they have several Pindas (Small boats), a small barracks for the entire force, an armory, smithy and storehouse for their goods.

The force of three companies of troops are generally veterans with skills in Proficiency (Small Boats) and Proficiency (Ships), and tend to be reformed pirates. They are led by Captain “Old Tusk” Gore, and his three officers, Lieutenant Raamat, Lieutenant Estrak and Lieutenant Waalis Moorguard. These companies are almost chronically under-strength, as its members are often hired in small lots to supplement ships as marines, and are sometimes difficult to locate for days at a time. They maintain many contacts with the Seaman’s Guild and are known to sometimes do work as armed ship’s crew among ships seeking extra crew, but unwilling to hire full marines.

The Sea Wolves

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