The Silver Unicorns


Merchant : #### $$$$$ : The Silver Unicorns are a loose merchant coster which includes many of the important noble and small merchant families of Mornhaven – City of Bright Sails. To join, a merchant must prove more than a hand of years of continuous profits to his guild, along with a revenue of at least 20,000 gp annually, which keeps the number of members of this consortium low.

The coster itself operates by attempting to monopolize the import of many exotic goods from across Argoth, including wines from the Kingdom of Brak, gems from the Kingdom of Azadmere and other goods from more distant locations. it mostly acts on the demands of the local nobility of the city, often ignoring other, potentially more lucrative trade goods, because of their “base” nature, such as ironmongery or produce.

Operated by a council of its member merchants, the present organization has a wealth of contacts and guards, displaying its wealth through its large, sprawling offices, which include numerous counting houses, archives and meeting rooms for members and potential patrons. Leader of the merchant council is Master Sime Silverstone, a skilled litigant and merchant who leads the coster in a quiet and low profile manner.

The Silver Unicorns

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