Thorn River Crossing


Thorn River Crossing was (TR 1049) a relatively large bandit camp, well defended by numerous hidden archery platforms in nearby trees, and occupying the remnants of an abandoned elven tree community, once known as Narad. Located on the banks of the Mythwater, only five miles south of Silvershadow Lake, it is a stronghold that kept even the fey themselves unable to determine how to approach it, which was especially annoying in that they built it. The path winding northwest from the camp, pushes through the forest for about 200’, before becoming a typical game trail, eventually leading to the closest timber camp to Daggermark.

The brigands had converted the old tree community into an impressive fortress, made especially easy since many of them were former foresters. They had re-connected the trees high above the ground, and further surrounded the ground work area with a simple palisade of timber poles 5’- to 10’-high and use it to support their raiding activities to the west. A small fenced area lies to the north of the palisade, holding a large canvas tent, some livestock and cast-off boxes and crates being broken into firewood. Livestock was once kept in this pen.

While there were officially more than two dozen bandits stationed here serving the “Stag Lord”, in actuality there were usually only around half that number present. The remaining members were typically out foraging, hunting, gathering firewood, or otherwise on task to find prey and loot.

In late-TR 1049, half the “Stag Lord’s” bandits were slain during a foray by adventurers into their tree fort. The handful who returned, simply abandoned the site and fled back to Thornkeep, and are believed to have since moved on to other tasks and bandit groups.

Today, in early-TR 1050, the corpse pile of these bandits has been covered by a grass-covered barrow next to the bridge, and the tons of supplies, stores and their buildings have long since been scavenged, now a scattering of old stones and moss-covered timbers. A new stone bridge ornately crafted crosses the stream, and the nearby smaller treehouses have been occupied by a handful of elven warriors from the Noraldai, who have built what effectively represents a guard post. The area has a strange, almost surreal feeling to it, with fog covering the lands off to the east, across the Mythwater.

The Narad guard post consists of several younger members of the tribe, all operating the position as a forward post for their people, sometimes swapping out members as others move on to hunt and spend time among their kin at Starsong Hill. Only about six or so elves can be found at this post, but unlike most others in their domain, is under permanent watch. They will sometimes trade their ornately-carved bows and arrows, as well as hides and rare herbs, but usually just warn people away from entering their domain and keep careful watch on the western trails leading to this position.

Thorn River Crossing

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